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What is the Value of Your Facebook Account?

What is the Value of Your Facebook Account?

Friending on Facebook

According to a Pew Internet Report, 80% of Facebook requests are accepted to be friends. The average size of a Facebook friends network can vary based on generation.

• Millenials (18-34) – 319 Friends
• Gen X (35-46) – 198 Friends
• Young Boomers (47-56) – 156 Friends
• Older Boomers (56-65) – 85 Friends
• Silent Generation (66-74) – 78 Friends
• G.I. Generation (75+) – 42 Friends

Facebook users typically make seven new friends a month with 22% of Facebook friends accounting for friends from high school. At two degrees of separation (friends-of-friends), Facebook users on average can reach 156,569 other Facebook users.

Social Networks Reputation Management

The percentage of social networking site users has taken steps to manage their privacy and reputation. As a result, statistics have increased by an average of 10% from previous years on people unfriending someone, deleting comments, or untagging photos due to concerns with reputation management.

Facebook’s Value

At a $104 Billion total IPO valuation with Facebook and over 901 Million monthly active Facebook users, 229 is the average amount of Facebook followers seen.

$0.50 * total followers = value of Facebook account

The average value of a Facebook follower is said to be worth $0.50 multiplied by the number of followers equal the value of your Facebook account. This would make the average value of a Facebook account to be $115.43.

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