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Xerox CEO Ursula Burns’ Leadership Style and Traits

Ursula Burns Leadership Style and Traits

Ursula Burns is the current chairman and CEO of Xerox since 2009. She leads a workforce of over 140,000 employees and serves clients in more than 160 companies. Ursula Burns is known as being the first African-American woman to serve as head of a Fortune 500 company. She is also the first woman to succeed another woman as the head of a Fortune 500 Company. The following leadership style and lessons can be learned from her.

The Power of Leadership

The following listing of six leadership lessons are shared by Ursual Burns.

1. Power of Communication
Successful communication is built upon honesty and being straightforward.

2. Power of Culture
Culture will help your business succeed. Strengthen the good times, have diversity, teamwork, and change the bad things. Become the culture itself.

3. Power of Vision
Let your employees know what they are in for. Aim for reaching back to your company’s highest success and exceeding forward.

4. Power of People
People can do just about anything when they are aligned around a common goal and objective.

5. Power of Customer
Think about who you are serving, your mission to them, and make the customer the center to everything.

6. Value of Leadership
Good leadership is indispensable. You must be consistent, honest, and forceful.

Leadership Traits

The following leadership traits are recommendations to being a successful leader according to Ursula Burns.

1. Be Authentic.
2. Listen to your employees.
3. Recognize that you can not do everything yourself.
4. Take a stand for what you believe in.
5. Measure goals and outcome to make better decisions.
6. Have fun and truly enjoy your job to have the most success.

Ursual Burns Leadership Quotes

“No fancy words, Bold bets, and Back to basics.”

“If you don’t transform, you’re stuck.”

“Ninety percent of this stuff is just not that serious, we get crazy about it.”

“Continually go back to the basic stuff, be prudent. Enjoy it.”

“Think about your health, physically and mentally.”

“Your entire life to find balance. You should have balance, on average, over time – not in a day or in a month.”

“The fact that I did it faster than others has nothing to do with my race and gender. It was my performance.”

“I think that because we are here, I will bring back jobs, we do bring back jobs, we bring jobs into the United States, as long as the U.S. can continue to be competitive. And we can.”

Ursula Burns is rated by Forbes as being #14 on the list of Most Powerful Women. She received almost $13 million in compensation annually.

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