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13 Cool Statistics About Livejournal


Live Journal

This is a social network based community that connects lots of people for different backgrounds. Participants can join any group or community through blogs, photos and comments. Posts and chats are allowed. They can do so with any privacy setting of any social network. It is a network that fosters community, creativity and expression. Here is the breakdown:

1. Journals & Communities Worldwide – 46 Million
2. Monthly Page views Worldwide – 830 Million
3. Monthly Visitors Worldwide – 92 Million
4. Monthly US Visitors – 31 Million
5. Active US Communities – 50,000
6. Average Time on site – Over 10 minutes
7. Poster Per Day – 150,000
8. Posts Per Hour – 6,250
9. Fan-Fic Stories Written – Countless

The Top Five Languages
1. Russian
2. English
3. French
4. German
5. Spanish

The Top Ten Countries
1. Russia
2. United States Of America
3. Ukraine
4. United Kingdom
5. Canada
6. Belarus
7. Germany
8. Singapore
9. Australia
10. Israel


According to the findings, 59.9% are women while 40.5% are men. Most of the participants are aged 21 to 25, ages 26 to 30 is next while ages 31 to 35 follows with those who are 41 years and above being the least participants.


ONDT is LiveJournal’s largest community, but they are not focused on pop culture and celebrity. They have over 3 million visitors monthly and over 112,000 members. There are over 300,000 daily page views and 2008 webby award for best gossip blog.

There other communities as diverse and lively as LiveJournal member as listed below.
ArmaTheyDidnt – Japanese Pop culture paradise
VaginaPagina – Health and wellness
Craftgrrl – Where crafters unite
Anything – Magic kingdom of Celeb gossip
ONDT Political – Platform for news and culture
ONDT Games – Games and srs bsns

Did you know that…
• In the social network, LiveJournal has a cameo?

• Nayan, the mewing cat was launched into space on LiveJournal?

• There is a LiveJournal song?

• ONTD started Kermit/Bale meme in 2008? This allowed users post photos of Kermit the frog and Christian Bale in eerily similar poses.

• Long before other sites copied it, LiveJournal introduced virtual gifts? The first virtual gifts were Red Rose, Yellow Rose, Bouquet of Roses and Balloons.

• It was her Brad Fitzpatrick randomly wrote on a banner that Frank the God was born? HE wrote “LiveJournal.com… because goats are cool.

Walk of Fame

• George RR Martin – Writer
• Mark Zuckerberg – Entrepreneur
• Audrey Kawasaki – Artist
• Paramore – Band
• Billy Corgan – Musician

LiveJournal… The Story So Far

Brad Fitzpatrick founded LiveJournal in March 199. By December of 2000, LiveJournal members could create communities. By April 2003, 1 million account was reached. LiveJournal won “People Voice” Webby Award in community category by May 2004. In May 2005, Fitzpatrick introduces OpenID. This allows centralised login for websites. In December 2007, LiveJournal is sold to SUP and LiveHournal.ru is launched in Russia. By June of 2010, LJ token currency is introduced as currency for sites. By February 2010, accounts on LiveJournal reached 35 million. It was named as finalist for Mashable Best Social Network Award by December 2011 and by February 2012, LiveJournal launches an online publishing group referred to as LJ Media.

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