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Most Popular Pinterest Categories and Brands


The infographic above was created by Unmetric.

The Most Pinteresting Brands

Here is a comprehensive analysis of the leading brands on Pinterest. It highlights different winning or losing strategies employed by these brands. This analysis was done from Unmetric’s database of over 1500 branded pages on Pinterest.

Most Popular Boards by Followers

A strategy that brands uses to interact with followers on Pinterest is pictures of cute animals, vacation, wedding ideas and sports. The following highlights this fact.

1. L.L. Beans 4.7 million followers on Pinterest. It makes use of Woodland creatures.
2. Jetsetters 4.3 million followers, it makes use of travel elated pictures.
3. Nordstorm 4.2 million followers, it makes use of pictures of wedding gowns.
4. Everyday health 3.7 million followers on Pinterest and it makes use of pictures of food.
5. Lowe’s 3.5 million followers. This brand pins pictures of homes.

Boards With The Most Repins

Boards with the most repins.

1. Better Homes and Gardens: This brand has 2 boards, bloggers recipes we love with 1 million repins and Bloggers Faves from BHG.com with 444,000 repins.
2. Real Simple: 290,000 repins on the “Real Simple Finds: Recipe To Try” board.
3. Swarovski 253,000 repins on the wedding bliss board of which 3/5 belongs to food related categories.
4. Etsy 249,000 repins on the Yum! Recipes to share board.

5 Categories With the Most Repins

Based on the boards in the top 50 position with most repins, this list represents over 6.7 million repins.

1. Home – 2 million
2. Recipes – 1.7 million
3. Food – 695,000
4. Wedding – 458,000
5. Fashion – 392,000

Brands and Pinterest

With respect to 1,550 brands that were closely monitored, it was observed that in the first quarter of 2013, only 150 brands have posted at least 1 pin per week. For most of the other brands, Pinterest is still not an area of interest. To them, pinning an image per week is irrelevant. By doing this, there are missing out of a huge community that exists on Pinterest.

Who is on Pinterest?

Study has revealed that 93% of Pinterest users are females while 7% are males. Most of the activities on Pinterest is pinning of pictures, clicking different activities and making comments.

Pinterest has approximately 48.7 million global users with about 48% of them married. 37% of which are ages 21-30 years, 23% are ages 31-40, and 16% are ages 41-50 while 17% are over 51 years of age. 11% of these users are less than 20 years of age.

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