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Why Shockwave Flash Keeps Crashing in Chrome and the Fix

The Reason Why Shockwave Flash Keeps Crashing in Chrome

The reason for all of this is because Google Chrome includes an internal Flash installation.  Internet Explorer and Firefox do not, and that is why you do not into the same problem across all browsers.  The duplicate installation of Adobe Flash on the computer’s operating system and on Chrome causes the conflict that leads to the crash.  This leads to the inevitable slow down and Chrome showing the yellow bar crash warning.

How to Fix the Shockwave Flash Problem

1) Open Chrome and type the following into the url address bar:

2) You will see a list of plugins.  Look for the Flash plugin.

3) If the Flash plugin looks like this… Flash (2 Files) … Then you have a conflict.

4) Expand the details of these files.

5) You will see on entry for Chrome and the other for your OS.  Disable the Flash plugin associated with Chrome.

6) Close out Chrome, restart Chrome, and check to see that everything works.

A Deeper Explanation of the Shockwave Flash Crashing Problem

This video has two experts explaining the Shockwave Flash Google Chrome crash.

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