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Why Google Fonts Are Awesome


Google Web Fonts

The online repository of fonts will allow website owners to use web fonts on their respective sites. It provides them with a huge selection of high quality fonts that will make their sites less dull without slowing it down. There are a variety of Google Web Fonts that you need to explore in order to choose the perfect web fonts that will suit your website. It is very important that you choose the right type of web fonts in order to attract viewers as well as drive traffic to your sites. This article will provide you with some Google web fonts that will help you in order for you to be familiar with its uses and functions.

The Best Fonts to Choose From

The coolest Google web fonts include Sonsie One, Faster one, bigelow rules, akronim, Alex brush, Monoton, Nosifer, lobster, rock salt, Pacifico and finger paint. Google font effects include shadow multiple, three dimensional, putting green, brick sign, destruction, fire and outline. Varela, Trocchi, Francois One, Arbutus Slab, Roboto and Fjalla One are some of the well-known Google web fonts that offer the website owner an excellent quality of font that you will truly love. These Google web fonts will also offer you some benefits that you truly deserve.

5 Benefits of Google Fonts

Here are some of the benefits of Google web fonts to viewers and potential customers.

1. Speed
It is truly proven and tested that Google web fonts load faster compared to images. The Google web fonts will enhance the high performance level of your page.

2. SEO Friendly
It is also important that your SEO content has the appropriate web fonts especially your descriptive text on your site.

3. Consistency
The Google web fonts will ensure users that they have the same thing whether they use Mac, PC, Android devices or iPad.

4. Design
According to the research, 60 percent of the users consider that the design is one of the most important factors that will develop their trust to the website owner.

5. First Impression
It is also proven and tested that if your website is visually attractive, you will have an exceptional first impression to your potential viewers. It is very significant that you create your website with excellent Google web fonts in order to gain traffic, positive feedback, repeat business and referrals.

The Google web fonts will serve as your key and guide in order to choose the best web fonts that will suit your website. It is also considered that the perfect choice of web fonts for your website can easily attract viewers as well as give you the ability to have repeat business clients and referrals if they truly like your site. You can also try the newest invention of Google fonts which is the G-Font plugin wherein there is a huge selection of Google web fonts that you choose from that will perfectly suit your needs and wants for your websites.

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