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30 Funny No Soliciting Signs for Homes

Many laws exist for individuals that are pressured into purchasing a product at home as a result of home solicitation. The main reason is to help protect homeowners that are solicited to and are granted a cooling off period of up to three days to back out of their purchase and have their money returned with no questions asked. The right to cancel does not necessarily apply to everything that you purchase. However these protections can help to garner a period of time to reflect upon impulse purchases. If you do not wish to receive any solicitation, the following collection of signs for your home can be used to discourage door knocking salespeople.

Beware, trespassers on this property are never seen again.
Caution! No Soliciting. It annoys the crazy person in the house.
If not a friend, you will offend. No soliciting, No anything, No kidding.
If you can read this, you are in range.
If you walk through my grass, be sure to pull my weeds.
Keep knocking, I am reloading.
Keep out, no trespassing.
Nevermind the dog, beware of the owner!
No Soliciting especially if you are not selling anything.
No Soliciting please. Kids selling cookies or candy, welcome.
No Soliciting unless you are a kid.
No Soliciting, No Exceptions. If we do not know you, do not bother us.
No soliciting, trespassers will be killed and eaten.
No Soliciting, we have what we need and we like what we have.
No soliciting. We are too broke to buy anything, We know who we are voting for. We have found Jesus.
Seriously, unless you are selling thin mints, Please go away.
No Soliciting. We found Jesus, we love our vacuum, we gave at the office, and my kid is selling the same crap that you are.
No Soliciting. We love our vacuum, We found God, and we gave at the office.
No Solicitors. No Newspapers. No Anything. No Kidding.
No Trespassing, violators will be shot. Survivors will be shot again.
No trespassing, we do not dial 911.
Prayer is the best way to meet the Lord. Trespassing is faster.
Smile you are on camera.
Soliciting here doesn’t make cents.
Solicitors will be eaten by T-Rex.
This area is protected by a vicious guard dog, three days a week. You guess which days.
Trespassers will be mistaken for deer.
Warning! Guard dog has uncontrollable urges to bark at, bite, and otherwise maul solicitors.
We are broke atheists. Don’t bother to knock. We are not buying Jesus or anything you are selling.
We hate magazines, we don’t need our water tested. No we don’t need a new windshield, we do not need our souls saved. Seriously, we don’t want anything.

The below infographic takes a look at the removal of the ban for general solicitation by SEC this past year. This move is considered to be one of the most significant changes to start ups in the past 80 years for start-ups. Modern day trends point towards crowdfunding sites where solicitations towards private investors have provided the ability for hundreds of entrepreneurs to see their dreams come true. The below infographics lists the changes to the ban removal by SEC.

SEC General Solicitation Ban

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