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175 Witty & Clever Trivia Team Names

Trivia games can be prominently found among pubs where teams are formed and compete against one another with a designated quiz master. The following collection of clever trivia team names are intended to inspire you during your next group trivia event.

5 Heads are Better than 1
80% of the Time We win every time
Abortion Survivors
Agatha Quiztie
Alternative Facts
America’s Best Chance
And in First Place With 250 Points
Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? Because We Brought One
As Seen on TV
Awesome Sauce
Bad Alibis
Bad Hombres
Barse Taff
Bed Bath & Beyonce
Better Late Than Pregnant
Big Fact Hunt
Bribed the Quizmaster
Bright Sparks
Brooks was here
Bruce Jenner-talia
Buster Hymen And The Youngbloods
Can We Use A Lifeline?
Champions of Life
Chaos from Order
Coat Hanger Dodgers
Collective Fools
Constantly Inconsistent
Cooler Than Absolute Zero
Cunning Linguists
Damp Desperados
Danger is my middle name
Darling Fuds of Gay
Department of Redundancy Department
Designated Drinkers
Donald Trump’s Barber Shop
Donut Call List
Dumb and Dumber
E = MC Hammer
Emotionally Fun-stable.
Epic Failures
Everyone Is Playing Second
Excessive Consumption May Have Laxative Effects
Ferret Juice
Five Girls, One Cup
Free Thikers
Fringe Ninjas
Got Excited And Quizzed Ourselves
Guessing isn’t Trivia
Halal, Is It Meat You’re Looking For?
Han Flying Solo
Horse Choir
Hot Dog Water
I Came On Eileen
I Read About the Evils of Drinking, So I Gave Up Reading
I Refuse to Say This Name
I Think One Of My Dads Is Gay
I Thought I Was Speed Dating
I’ll Take Potpourri for $100, Alex
If Quizzes Are Quizzical, What Are Tests?
Iggy Quizalea
I’m Not As Think As You Drunk I Am
In Dog Beers, We’ve Only Had One
Inferiority Complex
Irish Wristwatch
Ithering Blidiots
It’s a Game of Inches, Just Ask Your Wife
It’s Not Small. It’s Just Trivial
Jesus is Coming — Look Busy
John Trivialta
Know Eye Deer
Lavish Display of Ignorance
Legends of Filth
Les Quizerables
Let’s Get Quizzical
Let’s Get Ready To Stumble
Let’s Get Trivial
Like Usain Bolt, My Ex-Boyfriend Finishes in 9.81 Seconds
Liqor In The Front, Poker In The Back
Low Expectations
Luck has nothing to do with it
Make Trivia Great Again
Master Debaters
Master Minds
Menace To Sobriety
Meth Lab Einsteins
Milwaukee Talkies
Mind Bogglers
Mischief Management
Morning After Pilsner
My Couch Pulls Out But I Don’t
My Drinking Team Has A Trivia Problem
My Other Outfit is a Onesie
My Trivia Partner Doesn’t Know This Is A Date
Nation of Quizlam
Nerds in Flannel
Nine Inch Males
No Brains
Norfolk Enchants
Olympic Pool Lifeguards
On a Mission Without Permission
Otrivia Newton John
Pants in a Jar
Periodic Table Dancers
Please Evacuate The Bar, This Is Not A Drill!
Question Heirs
Quiz in my Pants
Quiz On Your Face
Quizee Rascals
Quizlamic Extremists
Quizlamic State
Quizly Bears
Quizteama Aguilera
Quiztopher Quiztofferson
Quizzly Bears
Red Hot Trivia Peppers
Rehab Is For Quitters
Sherlock Homies
Sit On My Facebook
Slaw Bomb
Smart Alecs
Smarty Pints
Sofa King’s Smart
Something Offensive
Suck It, Trebek
Superiority Complex
Team Redundancy Team
Tequila Mockingbird
Terrible Teachers
Texas Holdems
The Alcoholocaust
The Asian Invasion
The Be Sharps
The Big Fact Hunt
The Brewsual Suspects
The Gentleman’s Throbbing Chomper
The Golden Snitches
The Greatest Show On Stools
The Kids R. Kelly Peed On
The League of Extraordinary Guessers
The Mindbenders
The Pheasant Pluckers
The Quizzard Of Oz
The Quizzically Challenged
The Scrambled Eggheads
The Simple Minds
The Smartest Guys in the Room
The Smarties
The Spanish In-quiz-ition
The Three Must Get Beers
The Trivia Pursuits
The Trivia Troupe
Thinking Caps And Drinking Pants
Tongue Twister Rascals
Trebek’s Rejects
Trebek’s Tudor
Trivia New Roman
Trivia Newton John
Very Stable Geniuses
Victorious Secret
Waiting For the Bartender’s Tits to Fall Out
We Can’t Agree
We’d Rather Be on Cash Cab
Well Oil Beef Hooked
We’re Single Text Us After
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
With Great Mustache Comes Great Responsibility
You Can’t Sit With Us
You’re a Quizard, Harry

The below infographic outlines a collection of drinking games that are focused on mathematics, science, and engineering for your enjoyment. Not only do these games offer an academic foundation, but are enjoyable for everyone around. From keg standing to pool, prepare yourself to compete.

Drinking Games

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