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Why a Clean Office Can Save Millions of Dollars


The Value Of Clean

Cleanliness is next to godliness. This is an idiom that almost everyone is aware of and almost all who know are also well accustomed with its meaning. But regrettably, when it comes to workplaces or any other place that is subjected to daily use, not every entrepreneur or business owner is too focused on the cleanliness aspect. Most workplaces including restaurants and sites which are open to the public would fail a cleanliness test if conducted by a stringent agency. The value of cleanliness cannot be overstated and shouldn’t be underestimated. Cleanliness is not about making things look better and retaining the brilliance of the fixtures present at a site. Cleanliness has far reaching impacts in myriad aspects.

How Uncleanliness Impacts Employees

One of the primary reasons for sick leaves taken by employees is actually an unclean office. While employees do resort to sick leaves when they are not in the mood to work, there are many who are compelled to take a day or days off because they have fallen sick due to an unclean and unhygienic office. Not everyone is immune to dust, not every staff has a strong immune system to combat the contagious viruses and bacteria and not all employees have the same level of will power and resistivity or dedication to keep working even when they are not in the best of health.

While absenteeism is certainly something that an unclean office contributes to, it also leads to very poor productivity. There are many precursors to an employee calling in sick. Before they are down with flu or cold and other conditions, they may spend several days suffering from the symptoms while still at their workstation. All those symptoms reduce their ability to work their best. An unclean office can render even the best of employees very incapacitated and lead to them performing at their worst.

Positive Impact of a Clean Office

When you look at absenteeism and productivity aspects, maintaining a clean office doesn’t become an expense but actually a way to increase your revenue. Consider your employees not reporting sick, working to their fullest potential and having a healthy workforce throughout the year and you would realize how much more revenue an organization can generate.

Besides, cleanliness has many other advantages. It makes the staffs and clients or consumers feel good. It is good for branding and the entire ambience of the site or office can be pretty energetic and cheerful.

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