List of 32 Funny Military Team Names

The military primarily structures their organization around teams of varying nature. From placing together similar knowledge, skills, and abilities, teams can become greatly effective in an every changing environment. The following listing of military team names are from related groups that embody the concept of strength and teamwork.

Ace Breakers
All Fired Up
An Unstoppable Rebel Force
Ares Operations
Balls of Fire
Black Aces
Bloodbath and Beyond
Bloody-Minded Tigers
Cold Blooded Painters
Double Shots
Drop Shot Divas
Fire Flies
Flying Aces
Friendly Fire
Hit and Miss
Hit and Run
Hit for Brains
Hot Shots
Miss Hits
Night Stalkers
Scared Hitless
Scared Shotless
Shadow Operations
Team Panda
The Double Shots
The Hitmen
Top Gunners
Urban Assault Squad

More than half of American veterans find it difficult to transition out of the military and find work. An average of 32% of veterans value the health and benefits associated with their new employment. Personnel from the Navy branch find it four times less challenging their other branches to seek new employment. The infographic below outlines interesting stats and facts about veterans and the civilian workplace.

Facts About Veteran Employment