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What are the Keirsey Personality Types

What are the Keirsey Personality Types?

The Keirsey personality tests allow takers to be broken down into four different types. These types are classified as temperaments and will dictate how a person reacts and behaves in their everyday lives. These types also have sub categories that will further breakdown the personality of a person.


Artisans are the people that simply want to make a difference and do so because they are very tactical in nature. These individuals are great with tools and equipment. Logistics are always easily understood by artisans, which makes them very adaptable with whatever tools they possess.

Improvising is the trait of an entertainer and they are able to excel because of it. The variants of an operator are: Composers and Performers.

Expediting is the gift of the operator and will help them with their proactive nature. The variants of an operator are: Crafters and Promoters.


Guardians are always responsible and will put their duties above all else. These individuals are organized and always checking the facts and ensuring that logistics are understood. This makes them ideal supervisors that simply get the job done regardless of what task they undertake.

Regulating fits perfectly into the trait of a guardian and is a task they excel at. The administrator has two variants: Inspector and Supervisor.

Supporting and ensuring everything is done correctly is what a conservator strives for. The conservators have two variants: Protectors and Providers.


Idealists want their own identity and believe in diplomacy above all else. These individuals are inspirational by nature and are great at clarifying their points. They want to seek a meaning and will normally find it by working with others.

Developing comes easy to the mentor and they will be able to help others through life. The mentor has two roles which include: Counselor and Teacher.

Meditating and true beliefs are a great aspect of an advocate. The advocate has two roles which include: Healers and Champions.


Rationals are great with strategy and are obsessed with mastery. The rational wants to be able to practice self-control and will follow theories and their strategies throughout life. Coordination and planning is a major strength of this group.

Arranging is perfect for the coordinator as they are seen as strategists that often excel in life. The coordinators have two role variants: Masterminds and Fieldmarshals.

Constructing is what an engineer does best and typically leads them on their career path. The engineers have two role variants: Architects and Inventors.

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