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What Men and Women Put on Their Bucket Lists


Revealing the Ugly Truth About New Year’s Resolutions

They come every single year – New Year’s resolutions. And, just as quickly as they come, they seem to go away even faster. Why is it that so many people seem to be focused on New Year’s resolutions in general? Over 40 percent of men and women alike actually plan to make these resolutions each year, but only a fraction of them will actually take the necessary steps to keep them. What exactly is the ugly truth about these resolutions, though?

Everyone Wants to Lose Weight

It is true that one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions each year is the goal of losing weight. Over 20 percent of men and women alike state that weight loss is at the top of their list, which is why there are so many gym memberships and workout equipment purchased throughout the months of December and January. However, as you more than likely know already, relatively few in comparison actually pursue their goals and reach them. Most people will simply forget or ignore their resolutions and adopt the mentality that, “There’s always next year!”

The Art of Procrastination

The ugly truth about New Year’s resolutions in general is that there are way too many people in the world today that make goals but honestly have no plans of fulfilling them whatsoever. This is primarily because of the plague of procrastination. Think about all of the different things that you may have on your bucket list, or the list of things you will accomplish before you die. Quite a few people want to travel more, date more, get married, go skydiving, learn to play an instrument or even achieve something as monumental as climbing a mountain. However, for the vast majority of people that claim they want to do these things at some point in their lives, there is an overwhelming number of people that never do.

Act Now, Not Later

The key, then, is to make sure that you are taking the necessary steps to act now – not later. If you are inspired to pursue big goals and dreams either to make money, please a significant other, make yourself happy or simply enjoy the satisfaction of accomplishment, take the necessary steps to meet your goals today. Make that first effort right now. Take things one day at a time but continue to make progress so that you can finally turn those resolutions into confirmed accomplishments.

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