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101 Magical Harry Potter Team Names

Considered to be one of the best selling children’s books of all time, Harry Potter is a perfect option to choose for team themes. Creatively integrating each character’s name for the individual roles of team members can make it more interesting. A series of magical Harry Potter team names are provided below that combine a unique variation of Harry Potter related verbiage.

10 Pints to Gryffindor
Accio Beer!
Alas, Earwax
Bagel Eaters
Belgian Quaffles
Chudley Cannons
Crumple-Horned Snorkacks
Death Eaters
Demon-Dung Crackers
Dumb & Dumbledore
Dumb Bull Doors
Dumbledore’s Army
Erised’s Desire
Expecto Petroleum
Famous Fire-Eaters
Faster Than A Firebolt
Felix Felices
Flitwick’s Nitwits
For Fawkes’ Sake
Ganged Feranium
Giblets of Ire
Granger Danger
Granger Zone
Happy Griffs
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Beer
Hogwarts School of Quizardry
Hungry Hungry Hippogriffs
Kenmare Kestrels
Knights of Walpurgis.
Long Haired Pillock
Magic is Might
Minerva’s Masterminds
Moaning Myrtle Mayhem
Moste Potente Potions
Muggle Mayhem
Mumbulus Mumbletonia
Nearly Brainless Nicks
Nice Legs Neville
Pansy Parkinson Syndrome
Patronus Legion
Patronus Potter
Phoenix Army
Smarter Than the Hat
Snapes on a Plane
Snitch in Time
Snitches Get Stitches
Tangent Alley Team
Team Seven
That’s So Ravenclaw
The Almighty Huff-n-Puffs
The Bloody Morons
The Bouncing Ferrets
The Chamber of Seacrest
The Cockroach-Clusters
The Daily Prophets
The Deluminators
The Diadems
The Dumbledorfs
The Elder Wands
The Elephant Man
The Grindelwalds
The Half Bloods
The Hedwigs
The Holyhead Harpies
The House Elves
The Imperius
The Lumos Maximus Group
The Luna Lovegods
The Mauraders
The Mudbloods
The Muggles
The Order of the Phoenix
The Parseltongues
The Potterheads
The Professor Pop-And-Lockhearts
The Quibblers
The Quizengamot
The Remembralls
The Roonil Wazlibs
The Scarheads
The Skeeters
The Slitherclaw Ravenpuffs
The Snitches
The Trio
The Unregistered Animagus’
The Wizengamot
Trolling Bogeys
Voldy’s Moldies
Wand You Up
What the Hell is a Hufflepuff
Willow Smith and the Sorcerer’s Stone
Wimbourne Wasps
Wit Beyond Measure
You’re a Quizzard, Harry

Harry Potter was one of the first children’s books to be included on the New York Bestseller’s list since 1952 when Charlotte’s Web appeared. With more than 11 million book sales the first 24 hours that Harry Potter was released worldwide, there is no doubt that this series is considered a classic. The author, J.K. Rowling was the first person to become a billionaire by writing books. The following infographic lists interesting facts about Harry Potter and his legacy.

Interesting Facts About Harry Potter

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