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Ways to Use Instagram Photo Posts to Promote a Business

Ways to Use Instagram Photo Posts to Promote a Business

How to Build Brand Advocacy with Social Media Photo Sharing

Developing a strong online presence on social media sites is becoming a major necessity for any brand that wants to survive and be able grow its user base. As new social platforms are introduced and become popularized, it is important to continue to adapt and make the most of new opportunities that allow loyal customers to spread the word about your products and influence others.

As social media is very much a public venue, you need to approach each new platform with a considered strategy that takes into account your goals, capabilities and audience.

Instagram and Pinterest are becoming an integral part of the social media landscape thanks to the effective use of photo-sharing features to bring together communities and grow a following around a brand. With photo sharing sites you can showcase creative content to customers that will build their interest and increase engagement.

Why Photo Sharing?

Pinterest has quickly grown to become the 3rd most popular social network in the world, right after Facebook and Twitter. It drives more referral traffic than YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+ combined. It averages 1.3 million visitors per day.

Instagram has over 80 million users registered in its app. Over 5 million images are uploaded every day through Instagram. A ridiculous 575 likes on are registered every second on Instagram.

The Right Way of Using Photo Sites

The best way of harnessing the power of photo sharing on Instagram is to let your customers shape your brand with their own photos. Showing products being used in real life by real users, sends a great message that people can connect with. A Photo displaying the product in isolation discourages consumer engagement. But showcasing the product more creatively will give a more personal and related image.

The same is true on Pinterest. Only displaying products discourages user engagement. You need to develop a conversation with customers through the photos. Feature some of the best customer photos on your page. Customers will feel like they are can contribute to your brand and have their voice heard. This will prompt people to promote your brand to their friends across all their social networks. Getting customers to recommend your products is amongst the best ways of really growing your business.

Contests are another way of driving traffic and lots of exposure to your offerings. They grab the user’s attention, improve brand interaction and create waves across the social media landscape.

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