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Ways to Improve Productivity at Work Using Breaks

Ways to Improve Productivity at Work Using Breaks

Increase Productivity By Increasing Breaks

Many employers subscribe to the philosophy that a busy employee is a productive employee, but being busy doesn’t mean that work is actually being done. When people are tired, their creativity is reduced, their work quality is reduced, and this means that the efficiency of your work is reduced. With regular, periodic breaks included into a work day, employees are actually 13% more accurate in their work, which translates into better efficiency. Some companies, like Google, even have dedicated rooms where their employees can take a quick power nap! How could increasing breaks help your business?

What Are the Best Breaks?

Though laws might not allow some businesses to do this, the most effective break for employees throughout the day is a 6 minute break for every 90 minutes of work. This gives someone the chance to rest their brain, start some alpha waves, or just enjoy a social chat with one of their co-workers. More than 7 out of 10 people find that taking regular breaks makes them feel like they are more productive overall. Almost 8 out of 10 people find that a quick snack break, even if it’s just for some coffee, can help them produce better work, and if a little exercise is included with the break, employees can feel much more focused. Could you be taking more breaks to increase your productivity?

Allow Internet Access… With Restrictions

Though you don’t want employees accessing inappropriate websites for a professional environment, studies have shown that people who have the ability to surf the web for fun are actually about 10% more productive than people who are restricted from it. Restrictions on internet usage are seen as a restriction on personal freedom and this negative emotion keeps people from producing quality work. You’ll always have people who abuse freedoms, but if you hire slow and fire quick, you’ll reduce the abuse of a free system.

Boost Morale Through Social Activities

When people have the chance to speak with each other throughout the day in an informal way, both productivity and morale can be boosted up to 20%. Many employers shy away from this because misery loves company and employees love to complain, but if you allow feedback to come your way and can respond to it in a positive way that addresses their concerns, you’ll again have a means of boosting morale and productivity.

Are Breaks Part of Your Culture?

More than a third of employees find that the encouragement to take a break during a paid time during the day helps them feel better about the work they do. It’s a small, but important way for a business to show their employees that they care about their well being. Though it might seem like forcing an employee to work all the time will make that employee productive, the opposite really is true! If you make breaks part of your culture, you just might find that more work of better quality is being completed on a daily basis.

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