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How to Create an Inbound Marketing Campaign in 5 Easy Steps

How to Create an Inbound Marketing Campaign in 5 Easy Steps

Experience the Potential of Inbound Marketing

For decades, outbound marketing has dominated the business industry. We see outbound marketing every day in television commercials, direct mail, and even newspaper print ads. Though these methods are still successful on a certain level, they don’t bring in the same amount of revenues that they once did. Interruption marketing is becoming obsolete, slowly but surely, which is why more and more businesses are turning to inbound marketing to keep their revenue streams active.

Why Inbound Marketing?

Today’s customers are smart, savvy, and craving value. Information holds more value for many people than even money, which means a business must create valuable content in order to attract people. With inbound marketing, you simply create valuable content that is then distributed, free of charge, around the social media sphere, on e-mail marketing lists, and even on blogs. When a customer accesses this information and finds value in it, then you’ve created a lead.

How Can Inbound Marketing Be Used For Every Business?

There are five basic ways that inbound marketing is effective for each business to create leads. If yo follow these tips, you’ll be more likely to find the success you’ve been wanting!

Have value in each part of the purchasing cycle
A confused customer is a customer that isn’t going to purchase your product. If you were with a customer in person, you could answer their questions with a simple conversation. Even with a live chat box, customers may not engage because they simply don’t have their questions resolved. When you have information covering every part of the purchasing cycle, you’ll be able to answer most questions someone might have that could stop them from completing a purchase.

Invite people to use your products or services
Having a blog or website is a perfect way to engage people who might need what you’re offering. Invite them to try your products or services to see how much value it would have for them in their lives. Videos, long tail SEO efforts, and even your visuals can all help to reach those customers who are researching what you’re offering online.

Build relationships
Why do people stick with the same brands, the same stores, and even the same restaurants? Because they have built a relationship with that brand, that store, and yes – even that food. There might be a brand with a better reputation, stores that have better prices, or restaurants that serve better food at better prices, but because there is a relationship, there is brand loyalty. To convert visitors, you’ve got to start building relationships with people online.

Transform leads into customers
If you were recognized for your accomplishments, what would make you feel more appreciated: a form letter with a stamped signature that was sent out to everyone who accomplished something similar? Or a personalized letter that was really signed and talked about why you were able to make a difference? Leads are the same way – a personalized experience will lead to better sales.

Monitor and modify your strategies
Just because something worked today doesn’t mean it will work tomorrow. Monitor your traffic, understand what people are doing and seeing on your website, and don’t be afraid to adjust your strategy so that you can consistently meet your goals.

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