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Using Digital Body Language to Increase Conversions


Here is a look at some important points to remember about click through rates from the above infographic…

1) Number of Pages.
Think about the last time you used a webpage. How many clicks did you have to make before you found what you were looking for? For how long did you keep looking? With most users on Google, the most you can hope for them to scan one page worth of search results. Asking them to do more than that can really result in a huge drop off in click through rates. The more pages you ask them to click through, the more bail out.

2) Ads: What You Need to Know.
Ads on searches can seriously kill click through rates for the top result. The number of click through rates also falls when ads are on the top (and not the side) of a page. Having more than one ad on a search page will make the rate fall yet again. Understand that ads already get a very low click-through rate on Google. But that rate is much higher for the first results. By the time you get to, say, the 8th rank for ads, nearly none of them are clicked.

3) Why Page Rank Matters.
As you might imagine, page rank really matters to click through rates on Google search. Customers are often happier to click on one of the first top results than to go searching through pages of search results (see the first point, above). Popular keywords, which help to determine page rank, can have thousands of searches per day. Of those thousands of searches, the first result that appears gets over double the number of clicks when compared to the second one. Obviously, having the first position in page rank is, by far, the most valuable position that a firm can have.

4) Little Changes Based Upon Device.
Understand that people are using both their PCs and their mobile devices to access Google. But when we compare the click through rates of these devices, side-by-side, we can also see that almost nothing changes from one device to another. Users are still going to choose the first results, first. They are still not going to look beyond the first page, if possible. And they are still going to click on the top ads. So whether you are targeting customers on their PC, on their smartphones, or even on other devices, do not expect any users to cut you slack when it comes to Google click through rates.

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