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28 Good Catchy Anti Gang Slogans

Gangs have been a major problem in our society for decades. They are a danger to our children and the safety of our neighborhoods. In order to prevent the youth from getting involved in gang activity it is important to educate them about the dangers when they are young. Here are some great anti gang slogans to help get the message across.

A Gang Gives You A Place In Life…Jail.
Be Cool…Stay Away From Gangs.
Break Free From The Strings. Don’t Let Gangs Control You.
Choose A Crime Free Lifestyle.
Choose Life. Drop The Knife.
Come Up With A Resolution, Violence Is Never The Solution.
Do What’s Right. Gangs Ain’t Tight.
Don’t Break Laws. Break Records.
Don’t Get Tagged. Don’t Get Chased.
Don’t Make This Your Mark In Life.
Easy Money Can Get You Hard Time.
End Gang Life.
Gang Members Are The Walking Dead.
Gang Today, Gone Tomorrow.
Gangs Take Lives.
In The End, Nobody Wins.
Smart You Lack If You Need To Attack.
Stop What Shouldn’t Have Started.
STOP. There Is A Better Way To Enjoy Life.
Take A Step In The Right Direction.
The Choice Is In Your Hands.
There Is No Press X To Revive In Real Life.
They Said That They “Got Your Back”.
Too Many Lives Lost.
We’ll Catch You Ridin’ Dirty.
Why Don’t You Steal Your Way Out Of This?
You Can’t Be Accepted With Bars In The Way.
You Don’t Need To Be Violent To Have Friends.

This insightful video gives a glimpse into the world of gangs and their members. These two professionals discuss what needs to be done in order to stop this problem from getting even further out of hand.

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