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Twitter Background Image and Profile Picture Dimensions


Twitter Tips And Tricks For A Better Tweet Experience

Almost everyone that uses the internet for social networking, news, and business uses Twitter. Tweeting and posting has become one of the top go to sources for information and one of the best sales methods to get your message and product in front of the most eyes.

Twitter is changing constantly to better assist both personal users and business users to achieve the best experience and reach the greatest number of people.

Easy Tips to Help

These little tips can help you get the most out of Twitter no matter what you use Tweets for.

Your profile picture or company logo is limited in size to a 520 by 260 pixel display. This photo is overlayed by a shadow gradient. Keeping the gradient in mind, you can manage you photo and the impression you want to make. Brighter images usually make for better recognition and you can adjust your image or logo using Photoshop or ever Paint. This step makes your profile image, name, and description stand out from the average user’s image.

The standard word tweet is 140 characters. If you tweet a link or an image you need to keep the limitations that Twitter imposes on pictures in links in mind so you get the best response for personal stuff and the most responses for your business needs.

Your Twitter profile picture is limited to a 48 by 48 pixel size for each tweet. Keeping this in mind assures you that the photo you want people to see is clear and memorable.

If you tweet pictures you need to keep in mind that Twitter automatically sizes the picture to 435 by 375 pixels. Preparing pictures that fit this size limit before you upload guarantees maximum visibility and recognition by your business audience or friends.

Pictures uploaded directly to the Twitter feed are displayed. If you add pictures from other social media sites they are usually presented in Twitter as a link. You can avoid this potential problem by using the photo properly sized for Twitter provided you have an approval from the original author or the photo is covered by one of the many free distribution licenses.

If you are tweeting a video you need to remember that the maximum size for a video tweet is 435 by 234 pixels. You can size you video before you upload it so your audience gets to see all the video. This can be a real lifesaver for getting a viral video out on the web for personal promotion or for your business.

Most people’s computers, phones, and other internet devices use a 1024 by 768 pixel resolution. To insure that your friends or potential customers see as much of your Twitter page s possible keep in mind that all the most important information you post that is visual is 78 pixels maximum size.

There are scammers out there who try and use a different Twitter logo to get your money. Be sure that the official white bird looking up at a 45 degree angle or the official blue bird on a blue and white checkerboard background are the only logos you respond to.

The basic idea of these tips is to conform to the picture, video, and tweet size that is dictated by Twitter so you get the most out of tweeting for fun or for business.

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