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Top 50 SEO Ranking Factors for 2015

SEO Ranking Factors

Here are some important points regarding SEO ranking factors from the above infographic…

1) Content is King
Stop stuffing your webpages with keywords. These days, that is just not enough. Instead, you need to deliver dynamic, helpful, interesting content on your webpage. Make your content make sense to your users. Use relevant search term keyword and topics, and be sure to expand them. Now, customers are using more relevant search terms to look for sites, so you should incorporate these. Ditch Ad links. Instead, go for internal links to other webpages on your site. You should try to keep your posts at around 900-1000 words. And do not just use words. Instead, integrate video, pictures, and much more.

2) Great Site Architecture
Site architecture can seriously help with your overall webpage ranking. You should always be sure to include Meta tags on all your webpages, like titles and descriptions. Build up internal backlinks where possible, but do not overuse them. And shy away from keyword backlinks. The top 10 ranking URLs have over 1,350 backlinks in their webpages. Anchor all the links that you can to your actual domain name. Update your page often, on a daily basis, if possible. Your site should be able to load in under a second. Also, keep your URL shorts, too. Use pages like Wikipedia and your homepage to build your brand.

3) The Importance of Social Media
Social media is a huge player in keeping your brand relevant. Although in the last year their importance has fallen, you should still look into them as a way to influence page rank. Think about having a page on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Other businesses have also successfully used Instagram. When your posts are shared, liked, commented on, or people are added to your Google+ circles, Google makes note of that to signal where there is great content users love. Use social media to interact with your users and post content, as well. Do not use it to only boost your page ranking.

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