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How to Write Good Headlines


Here are a few tips from how I create headlines for my blog…

1) Start with Keyword Research
I start with keyword research to find out what people are actively searching for in relation to the topic that I will be writing about. This is important for two reasons. The first reason shows that there is a recognized demand for that specific topic. As a writer, you should be a the mercy of your readers. Keyword research gives you the insight to identify the exact phrases that are being typed into a Google search. The second reason is for SEO. By using the exact keyword phrase in your title, your chances of getting Google traffic will dramatically increase.

2) Start the Title with a Number
Between my blogs and the blogs I manage for my clients, I am able to see the analytics of over 5 million unique blog visitors every month. The statistics clearly show a higher click through rate from Google on posts that start with a number. People like lists and the ability to quickly scan the relevant subtitles. This is the psychological reason behind the number first strategy.

3) Keep it Short and Sweet
The main reason for keeping your title under seven words is so that it will be seen. It is important that the full title is displayed when someone sees your post come up in a Google search. In addition, the same strategy applies to social sharing. If you keep it short, then it will get read.

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