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Top 5 Entrepreneur Colleges Where Alumni Have Received the Most Venture Capital

Top 5 Entrepreneur Colleges Where Alumni Have Received the Most Venture Capital

The Top Entrepreneur Producing Universities

Do some universities graduate more entrepreneurs compared to others?

A newly published report suggests that this might be the case. Let’s take a look at which universities’ graduates attract the most funding and close more deals.

The University Entrepreneurship report tracked the progress of alumni from the following six U.S. universities: Stanford, Harvard, UC Berkeley, New York University, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Only companies that were founded or led by alumni from one of the six universities and who received funding were included in the report. In total the alumni from these universities managed to close 559 deals and raise $12.6 billion of funding.

The Top Entrepreneurial University

Stanford University was the clear winner pulling in 203 deals and 4.1 billion dollars.
Here is a full breakdown of the number of deals made and amount of dollars raised in financing among the six universities.

• Stanford University – 203 deals – $4.1 billion
• Harvard University – 112 deals – $3.8 billion
• University of California – Berkeley – 90 deals – $1.3 billion
• New York University – 48 deals – $1.2 billion
• University of Pennsylvania – 46 deals – $1.2 billion
• Massachusetts Institute of Technology – 60 deals – $1.0 billion

One interesting fact to note; Harvard drops to second place on funds raised if you don’t count Facebook. In this case Harvard’s total funding would drop down to $1.8 billion.

Overall, Harvard and New York University are showing the fastest growth rates in graduating successful entrepreneurs.

The Top Investors

There was a great variety in the types of investors. Venrock and Draper Fisher Jurventson (DFJ) were the most prolific investors across the six universities. Here are the top investors for each individual university:

• DFJ and Kleiner Perkins (Stanford University)
• Accel Partners and Google Ventures (Harvard University)
• Six investors tied for first (University of California)
• Union Squares Ventures & Spark Capital (New York University)
• MentorTech and Bessemer (University of Pennsylvania)
• General Catalyst & Highland Capital (MIT)

Deals in Different Sectors

Some of the top sectors that received funding from investors included:

• Tech-Software – The overwhelming majority of the deals were in this sector
• Health Care – Was the second most popular sector among investors
• Tech-Chips – Not as well funded as the software technology industry
• Energy & Industrial – Three of the Universities didn’t have entrepreneurs going into this industry. MIT closed the most deals in this sector.

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