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Digital Business Ecosystem Diagram Model with Examples

Digital Business Ecosystem Diagram Model with Examples

Digital Business Ecosystem

As a new digital business start-up, learning to self-sustain is one of the first things to consider. Here is a look at 13 different types of predators and prey you will face when considering the development of your digital business ecosystem.

1. Venture Capitalist
The capitalists serve as an investment resource for promising start-ups, seeking large returns when the company finally exists. This species is becoming endangered as many predators are considered to be tech bloggers or pompous founders while preying on weak founders carrying great ideas.

2. Angel Investor
An angel investor is able to invest money in businesses seeking a little extra capital. Skating closer to the edge of becoming endangered, their biggest predators are tech bloggers and venture capitalists while spending their free time preying on founders.

3. Developer
A developer’s role helps to find a practical solution to an existing problem by integrating computer code into a cohesive product for the idealist. Becoming harder to come across, they prey on designers while founders seek their assistance.

4. Founder
A founder of any organization looks to create marketable solutions to problems that affect a large amount of people. While there are plenty of founders swimming in the sea, they are preyed upon by venture capitalists, pride, and tech bloggers while seeking the assistance of developers, designers, and small business development individuals.

5. Designer
A designer primarily focuses on making the product visually appealing. Preying on funyuns, their biggest threat is tech bloggers and corrupt files.

6. VP of Marketing
A VP of marketing serves as the cornerstone of making consumers aware of company products that can benefit them. Preyed upon by founders and CEOs for their expertise, they focus their efforts primarily towards consumers.

7. Tech Blogger
These bloggers primarily spend their time making commentary on the latest products, gossip, and news that often makes or breaks a company. They prey upon venture capitalists, founders, and CEOs with their biggest predator being Apple.

8. Chief Executive Officer
Focuses primarily on the company functioning properly and is preyed upon by venture capitalists and tech bloggers while seeking business developers and marketers.

9. Social Marketer
Offering social strategies with support of marketers while preying upon Facebook fans. Their biggest threat being internet trolls and the VP of Marketing.

10. Sales/Business Development
This role is dedicated to selling products and acquiring new clientele. They prey upon consumers with their biggest predator being CEOs.

11. Outsourced Grunt Worker
Assists management with mundane, menial tasks serving founders, CEOs, and marketers while preying upon the use of software such as Microsoft Excel.

12. Consumer
Mindlesssly purchases the products sold by hip start-ups. They prey upon the latest gadget and technologies offered while becoming the prey of start-ups and rising companies.

13. Attention-Deprived Significant Other
This individual provides the emotional support while receiving little or nothing in return from their significant other. They prey upon romance novels and seek refuge from their predatory workaholic partner.

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