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Top 5 Angel Investors Over the Last Year


Angel investors have been playing a pivotal role in the American economy for almost half a century, particularly in shaping up the technology industry. Silicon Valley, for instance, has been built and developed by and on the foundations laid by many angel investors. All major tech giants today were start-ups at one point in time. Not many years ago, Mark Zuckerberg was an unknown college student and yet to become the world’s youngest billionaire ever. Much before Marks’s Facebook acquired WhatsApp, the latter was merely an effort that started inviting referrals to expand the network at one stage, even some with the hope of getting rewarded. Twitter may not have become a rage if people like David Lee didn’t play a part.

Angel Investors

Top 5 Angel Investors of 2013 is a list of the most notable people who have made the most noteworthy contributions in the lives of aspirants who have the penchant to dream big but are in dearth of resources. The list comprises of five very distinguished individuals who have been successful professionals themselves. They didn’t inherit a fortune and nor did they take a quick route to success. They worked hard and they achieved what very few of their contemporaries could achieve. Perhaps that is what makes them the ideal angel investors.

These five people know what it takes to start up a company. They know the trials and tribulations. They know the excitement of developing something new and how rewarding it can be. Thus, they partake quite passionately in the journey of start-up enterprises.

Who Are The Top 5?

Among them, Aydin Senkut, David Lee, Ron Conway, Dave McClure and Esther Dyson have invested in more than 700 start-ups till date, out of which more than 150 start up companies have been financed by them in 2013 alone. With an investment range of anywhere from $25,000 to as much as a million, these five investors have made a huge contribution to the economy and to the lives of aspirants as well as lives of people who are being changed by the aspirations of the start-up entrepreneurs.

Read about these five people who have made investments in diverse companies, ranging from technology to gaming, fashion to e-commerce, from Twitter to Dropbox, PayPal to Facebook and beyond. Not only are they a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs but also an example for investors to invest in what they believe would be a great proposition.

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