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5 Good Boy Scout Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising is a vital aspect of being a boy scout. When you must raise funds, there are dozens of fun and exciting ways to be able to bring in extra money. Being a member of the boy scouts is an added benefit as fundraising is much easier. The boy scouts are recognized country-wide which means people are far more willing to donate to the cause.

While some Boy Scout fundraising ideas are bland, others are filled with innovative ideas that are sure to be a big hit.

Discount Packets

Discount packets and books are two very lucrative fundraising ideas. Not only will the community be more interested in purchasing, they will also be getting something in return. The trick is to get every local company on board. This may mean the local car wash, pizzeria or even a movie theater. This can be started by:

1. Visiting the store’s location and speaking to the owner or manager.
2. Inquire about their willingness to provide coupons for your fundraiser.
3. If an entity is reluctant, explain to them just how widespread of a promotion this is.
4. Ensure that you express just how beneficial this will be to drum up business.

These discounts may be something as little as 10 percent off of a pizza pie, or even a buy 1 get 1 free deal. The choice is up to the owner and anything will suffice.

These packets can be sold by going door-to-door, ensure that all of the proper safety measures are taken, and simply selling the packet to those that are interested. If the packet is priced right, you will make $5 – $15 per sale. The price will need to be determined by just how many discounts are in the packet.

Spinner Donations

Standing outside of a supermarket is always a smart idea. While permission will be a necessity before asking for donations, stores are usually pretty open to the idea. Sitting around with a can or bell is simply too old fashion. In fact, many people despise when people do this.

The goal is to think outside of the box and make donating a game. This can be done by using a spinner. This is essentially a piece of cardboard with donation prices broken down into sections. The blue section may be $2 and the red may be $5. Now, an arrow will be in the middle and will be able to be spun around.

You will be surprised just how many people will come to play and donate money at the same time.

Rope Knotting Lessons

One of the classic lessons taught to boy scouts are various rope knots. These knots will ensure that when something needs to be secure, a person will know just what knot to utilize. Unfortunately, many people do not have a clue as to which knot is best, or even how to tie a knot properly.

By having a demonstration wherein people can sign up for a class and really hone their skills, you will find that people are far more likely to donate money. This can often be held at a local school where people can have their very own rope to tie and a few boy scouts can show them the art of rope knotting.

If you like, this can be anything that is learned as a boy scout. The possibilities are endless and people do not have a problem paying to learn a vital life skill.

Town Cleanup

When all else fails, there are ways to help the local community and make money in the process. This can be done with town cleanup wherein a group will go to all of the local parks, schools and neighborhoods to clean up trash.

The trash is what holds value. Some of it can be resold for money. This includes old bikes or furniture that a person is merely throwing away. Cans can be collected and brought to the local scrapyard for a very nice profit. These cans are very lucrative, but you will need to fill many garbage bags fwith them before hauling them to the scrapyard.

Treasure Hunt

One of the best boy scout fundraising ideas is that of a treasure hunt. These treasure hunts will be spread out in a park or campground. The goal is to bury something of value in the woods and have people pay to participate in the hunt.

There can be accompanying games and treats that people will donate money to play or eat. This is a great community event and one that the local newspaper will promote for free in most cases.

The more valuable that the treasure is, the more locals will come out to enjoy the event.

There is an endless supply of fundraising ideas and putting them together will be a great experience for every Boy Scout.

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