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Top 4 Elementary School Fundraising Ideas

Elementary school is the perfect opportunity for kids to be able to participate in fundraisers and raise money for virtually any event. The best part is that schools are more than willing to help with the fundraising as long as it is for a good cause.

The following elementary school fundraising ideas are always welcomed by students, principals and teachers.

Cookie Training and Sales

Does your little one like cookies? Chances are, your kid and every other in the school will love to eat delicious chocolate chip cookies or any other cookie that you make. This is a great opportunity to sell baked goods that will fly off of the shelves and have the proceeds go towards your fundraiser.

There are quite a few options that can be chosen to make a regular cookie sale into one that is a success.

• Variety packs: Offering variety packs is a great way to bolster sales. This will allow you to sell various cookie types, in a tin, for a higher price. Parents often want to buy these packs as gifts. If you really want to go the extra mile, offer a gift wrapping option for the cookie tins. This is very effective during the holidays and will work at any elementary school.
• Offer training: Kids and parents always want to have fun and cooking is fun. If you are a professional baker or simply know your way around the kitchen better than others, you can sell your training as well as your cookies. This can include group training where you teach kids how to make the same great cookies that they love.

Cookies are never going to be hard to sell. You can choose classics, such as chocolate chip, or you can go with more intricate items, such as sugar cookies. The more variety that you have, the easier it will be to make a huge profit for your cause.

Raffle a Teacher

The Home Economics or Gym teacher in your school may be a very valuable asset in your fundraising arsenal. In fact, every teacher has their own specialty which someone else will be willing to pay for. A teacher may be able to give a parent a lesson on cooking or the band teacher may be able to teach a person that has always wanted to play the drums how to play.

By raffling off a teacher for an hour or an afternoon, you will be able to bring in a lot of proceeds for your cause.

1. Always ask permission from the teacher before including them in the raffle.
2. Write down and promote the expertise that the teacher has to all potential “buyers.”
3. Sell raffle tickets for a cheap price of $1 – $2.

You can also turn this great idea into an auction. Auctions are usually more costly, but they definitely provide the utmost in donations.

Trash Collection

Anyone in elementary school will have no problems with picking up trash, cans or bottles that they find on the side of the road. In fact, these discarded items will fetch a lot of money at metal scrapyards or even recycling centers.

Students will need to follow these basic rules to ensure that their collections are done in a safe manner that ensures that they make the most money for their cause as possible.

• Parents will always have to be present. Kids should not be collecting trash and going around neighborhoods on their own.
• Parents that bring their vehicles are best. This will allow students to store garbage bags filled with cans and bottles in their trunk.
• Parks and schools are great places to find cans. You can even ask schools for any items that they were going to recycle. Major office buildings and shopping centers are also ripe with cans and bottles that you can collect.

This is a great way to show kids the responsibility of cleaning up after themselves and helping the environment in the process. While an individual can may not yield large profits, the small 5 cents a can will quickly add up.

School Talent Shows

Schools are all about learning and having fun. Oftentimes, however, schools are too rigid and kids are never able to show off their true talents to their friends. Throwing a school talent show is a great way to get people involved in your cause and it will be something that is very easy to get started.

In fact, all you need to do is ask the school’s principal for permission and they will often help with the entire setup. Donations can be given upon entry of both the talents and audience members. This will also draw in dozens of local community members that want to watch the youth show off their skills.

Elementary school is the perfect time to teach your kid the power of fundraising.

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