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Review of the Nothing Bundt Cakes Franchise Opp and Startup Costs

The smell of a baking cake wafts through the kitchen, filling the home with a level of goodness that cannot be matched by other scents. Nothing Bundt Cakes was founded in 1998 in Las Vegas with this very thought in mind: to replicate the joys of a home-baked cake, but with at an affordable price that didn’t require any effort in the kitchen. By using real ingredients, handcrafted recipes, and fun decorations, this brand has taken off and made the bundt cake an integral part of the home once again.

If you love cake, love serving people, and are ready to take this love for baked goods to the next level, then a franchise opportunity with Nothing Bundt Cakes could be the perfect opportunity to help you find your next success! Are you ready to explore what it takes to make this opportunity become a reality?

What Is the Initial Investment Required?

To answer the question as to whether you should bake or not to bake, you’ll need to begin with a $25k franchise fee. In return for this fee, you’ll receive an exclusive territory for your new franchise that is based on your local demographics. There isn’t a set standard as to a certain size as you’ll find with other franchising opportunities. Nothing Bundt Cakes will define your geographic area based on zip codes, county lines, city borders, streets, trade areas, or natural barriers in any combination.

As you begin your journey toward being a Nothing Bundt Cakes franchisee, you’ll also need to prove that you have a net worth of at least $600k. There must be $150k available in cash as well, not just liquidity. The typical initial investment required to get a franchise off the ground is at a minimum $339k. The high estimate of this initial investment is $440k and the difference is based on your location, the size of your location, and the amount of build out and equipment that you may need. The franchise fee does not cover signage costs.

You’ll also be required to allocate a minimum of $5,000 for your grand opening once you have permission to open your new business opportunity. Once you get started with the daily operations of your franchise, there’s also a royalty that is collected once per week of 5%. There’s a 3% marketing royalty, collected weekly as well, that is part of the equation too. The franchise term lasts for 10 years and the term is renewable.

Are you ready to apply for this exciting opportunity? If you are prepared to make the initial investments, then the first steps you must take involve the completion of a personal profile so that the organization can evaluate your application. You’ll interview with the franchising team of this organization to see if it really is the right opportunity for you. You’ll also get the chance to meet with current franchisees and see the company’s headquarters.

What Kind of Support Is Provided?

Nothing Bundt Cakes provides an initial training in the business model of this baking organization that lasts for 4 weeks. Held in either Las Vegas or Dallas, TX, you’ll go through the operations manual page-by-page during this initial training and get hands-on training in all aspects of the typical business operation. That means prior baking experience isn’t required because you’ll learn what is needed to bake a great cake, but becoming certified as a bundt cake specialist is easier to do when you can find your way around a kitchen.

Once you’ve received certification that your initial training is complete, you’ll also receive up to 5 days of on-site training at your franchise location. There’s also many ongoing training opportunities that are offered throughout the entire term of the franchise. An annual conference is held every year and the field support team is just a phone call away to provide the help that may be needed.

Absentee ownership in this franchise opportunity is allowed, but 9 out of 10 franchisees are owner operators. You’ll also receive third party help with financing if it is needed in all of the initial startup costs once your franchise agreement is setup and you’ll be included in the organization’s national website so you can easily be found. To save further money, you’ll also be included with purchasing cooperatives and receive additional assistance with lease negotiations as well.

Is This the Right Investment Opportunity?

Baking a cake that tastes so good that you’d wish it didn’t have a hole in it… does that speak to your passion? If it does, then Nothing Bundt Cakes would like to speak with you about their franchising opportunities today! With most of the lower 48 available for new franchises, there’s an excellent chance that your community is ready for one of the tastiest cakes anyone has ever eaten.

The most exciting aspect about this franchising opportunity is that it really gives an investor the chance to replicate the small town, Mom and Pop bakery where everyone knows your name when you walk in. There’s very few competitors in this niche industry right now, which means you’ll be able to make your franchise stand out in your community with very little initial effort. The organization has also received national attention from several food related television and print companies, which gives you a leg up on your marketing efforts too.

How far could you take your bundt cakes? With single slice servings or the option to purchase an entire cake to serve at home, this franchise opportunity wins because it serves up a taste of home with every bite taken. You can’t put a price on that experience when it is done right, which is why this could be the perfect franchising opportunity for you. Create your applicant profile online with Nothing Bundt Cakes today and you’ll begin the journey toward a business that is filled with tasty goodness in more ways than just cake.

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