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The 14 Members of the Paypal Mafia


There have been many different successful groups over time. They infiltrate all aspects of culture including technology, innovation, media, business and sports. Two of the most known groups have many parallels and similarities. Both of these groups achieved success from a single source. PayPal was sold in 20O2 for over $1.5 billion and led to a group of entrepreneurs that created many more companies. In similar fashion, Bill Walsh is a legendary coach that was the catalyst behind the West Coast offense and produced countless successful and widely recognized NFL coaches. Who really wins out when you compare the successes of the PayPal mafia and the Bill Walsh coaching tree?

Who Won Big?

When it comes to comparing success, it can get pretty tricky. You have to start dissecting the numbers and comparing the odds. Of the many coaches that spawned from Walsh’s coaching tree, 6 Super bowls were won between them. The PayPal mafia achieved unlikely success with 5 IPO’s. Very few companies ever have the ability to go public and the PayPal mafia saw a 1 in 3 success rate. That really is unheard of and clearly shows that the PayPal mafia was the big winner.

More Prestige?

When it comes to having influence or clout, it seems that Walsh’s coaching tree might come ahead of the PayPal mafia by a small margin. More than 19 teams have been coached by individuals from Walsh’s program. Even the amount of NFL assistant coaches that have ties to Bill Walsh’s coaching tree is mind blowing. More than 60% of NFL teams have been coached by a production of Walsh’s system. This means that Walsh has more influence than PayPal.

Individual Accolades

When it comes to striking it rich with success, the PayPal mafia is on another stratosphere. 4 billionaires have been produced from the original PayPal mafia and Walsh’s coaching tree saw just 6 coaches of the year. When you break down the odds, having 5 self-made billionaires from one single source is pretty amazing. When it comes to individual success the PayPal mafia wins again.

Who Is The Big Winner?

After you compare both groups at every level, it is clear to see that both achieved unprecedented levels of success. However, the PayPal mafia had to overcome greater odds and achieved levels of wealth, power and control that the Bill Walsh coaching tree never amassed.

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