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Top 20 Best Bucket List Ideas


Most Popular Things To Do Before You Die

1 – 50.4 percent of people said they would like to see the world. Traveling in pursuit of new experiences can be a great way to keep the mind and body active.

2 – 41.2 percent of Grandparents said they would like to be able to see their grandchildren grow up. Sometimes the most exciting moments in life are also the simplest and easiest to arrange.

3 – 34.4 percent of people said they would want to ensure their relative’s life security. Not surprisingly, ensuring our loved ones are financially secure is high up on the list of things we’d all like to achieve.

4 – 33.2 percent said they would enjoy buying a place by the sea. All the salty air and walks on the beach will offer a great peace of mind!

5 – 25.2 percent of seniors said they would want to write their will before they pass on. We don’t like to dwell on it, but planning for death is an essential part of life.

6 – 21 percent of people would enjoy writing a book. Some say we all have one book in us. But would it be “War and Peace” or “Mr. Men”?

7 – 20.4 percent say they would like to take a hot air balloon ride. This is a majestic way to fly and a great opportunity to view the world from a different viewpoint.

8 – 20.4 percent want to learn a new language. Ditch the phrase book and turn that pigeon French into something a little more useful!

9 – 15.4 percent say they would like to learn an instrument. Strumming to your favorite tune can be a very rewarding experience.

10 – 15 percent claim they would volunteer or fundraise. Make more than a financial contribution to those in need, offer your time and skills.

11 – 11 percent would enjoy getting a pet. A pet can make a loving companion once the kids have flown the nest.

12 – 10.6 percent would like to host a reunion. Catch up and remember the good old time.

13 – 10.4 percent would enjoy joining the Mile High Club. … And why not!

14 – 9.2 percent say they would like to take revenge. Obviously some people like to hold a grudge!

15 – 8.4 percent say they would invest in a property. Still a good way to secure your family’s future in the long term.

16 – 7.4 percent would like to meet the Queen. Dust off the best china – the Queen is coming to tea!

17 – 3.4 percent would enjoy going sky diving. Why not seek more thrills?

18 – 3.2 percent would like to join a social media network. Keeps your mind active as well as your social life.

19 – 2.4 percent would like to have cosmetic or plastic surgery. Smooth over the wobbly bits!

20 – 1.4 percent would enjoy doing a bungee jump. Like sky diving – only bouncier!

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