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Top 10 Most Popular Business Apps for Iphone and Android

Top 10 Most Popular Business Apps for Iphone and Android

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Best Small Business Apps

We now live in a world where business can be conducted on the go, with smartphones and other mobile devices the most important tool for the modern small business owner. Running a business means wearing a number of different hats throughout the course of the day. It can be tough to manage the time to do each job effectively, which is where business apps for mobile devices become a major player in the small business game. The great news is that the vast majority of these applications are either low-cost or even free, which is essential for a business with a tight budget. Let’s take a look at the apps every small business owner should have installed on their smartphone:

Financial Apps

Quickbooks – Go with a free trial before buying and check out all the great tools it offers, such as handling finances, recording sales, and even creating estimates for clients.

Mint – This is a great little freebie that allows you to check all of your finances in one easy to manage location.

Office Time – A steal at just $7.99, the Office Time app allows you to create timesheets, spreadsheets and projects, as well as being a manager of time and finances.

File Storage Apps

Box – There are a number of different pricing options available for the Box app, depending on how much storage space you need for your company data. This powerful little app allows you to grant access to certain employees, and also offers a fantastic search function.

Dropbox – Use any of your computers or devices to save data and access it from anywhere, at any time. You are given 16 GB of storage for free, with different pricing options after that.

Document Editing Apps

Evernote – A totally free app that allows you to save all sorts of different files and documents in the cloud, which allows multiple users to access them from multiple devices and locations.

Documents To Go – The perfect application for businesses that make regular use of PDF and Word documents. All of these files can be integrated in your cell phone, whilst also maintaining the original format when displayed on a different device.

Communication Apps

Skype – The days of simply talking on the phone are gone forever. Skype allows you to video chat and instant message, with discount rates available for international calls.

Webex – Another fantastic free app, with this particular one perfect for those that collaborate on projects. Meetings can be held with people all over the world, and files shared with the flick of a finger.

Customer Support Apps

Desk.com – Every business is well aware that a major part of their success will come down to the level of support supplied to customers. The Desk.com app covers all the bases in that regard, with pricing options available to suit businesses of all sizes.

Get Satisfaction Mobile – This app comes in the form of a widget that can be installed on your site and allows customers to interact with customer support, as well as each other. An added bonus is that customers do not have to download anything to use this feature.

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