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Android App Store Revenue Split and Mobile App Advertising Revenue Stats

Android App Store Revenue Split and Mobile App Advertising Revenue Stats

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In A Global Economy It’S A Developer Nation Of App Economics

Just how much money are these guys really making and how much time is equated into the return ratios. As with any emerging economic vehicle it takes a moment for all the most advantageous angles to shake themselves out into the open. We hope to distill market statistics down into something that makes sense to those wanting to take advantage of the current mobile global app economy.


Developer tools are truly the foundation of the developer economy. What tools make the most sense to the most developers that is our first question? A whopping 72% of developers use Android, no big surprises here. Next in line are those that use iOS coming in at 56% of the overall market share. HTML is the third most used format as a deployment or a development platform at 50%. Just a note this excludes those who also develop for desk top applications. 21% use windows phone and 16% are represented by BlackBerry.


What we all really want to know is APP monetization, just what kind of return are the developers getting on their personal mind and time investment. Ok you may want to stand up for this next statistical piece of information. Keep in mind when you do hit on a winning app your likely to win big. 67% of developers are below are prescribed poverty line of $500 dollars a month return and that leaves 33% who are raking in more than $500 dollars a month on their app efforts.

Mobile Platform Usage

Let’s take a closer look and break this down into specific mobile platform percentages. Developers who use html and iOS are seeing the greatest monetization conversion rates for their efforts with 39% above the $500 dollar a month mark and 61% below poverty of less than $500 dollar a month. Next we have Android higher ratio of users just a bit lower in their monetization conversation rates at 32% above and 68% below. Pulling up the rear are windows phone and BlackBerry with 23% & 21% above and 77% & 79% below respectively.

What have our developers down to improve their personal returns? They spread their apps across multiple platforms to improve their odds. 74% of developers use two or more platforms concurrently. Using two platforms increases return by 27% to an average of $1,017 dollars or more vs. the average of e3 for those using only one. Three concurrent platforms increase the average return on the app to an average of $1,764, include a fourth and you have 13% of developers earning $2,155. Moving on to 5 concurrent platforms and there are 7% earning $2,960 dollars a month. Pushing out to 6 platforms and there are a mere 3% of developers who are now earning on average $4,943 dollars a month for their mind and time invested.

Revenue Models

What revenue models are these developers using? Subscriptions seem to pay more but the most popular method a 38% is advertising generating $1,014 monthly. 32% use a pay-per-download method generating $1,283 in monthly sales and 26% use in-app-purchases generating $1,835 in monthly revenues. 25% use Freemium with an average return of $1,386 and 12% go for subscriptions generating the largest return at $2,649.

To sum up our statistical overview an amazing 90% use at least one third party tool or service and 34% are using at least one add service tool, these services are split across entertainment and game apps. 28% of developers will also you an analytical service tool split across entertainment and game apps. Cross platform tools attract 27% of developers and are split across education and reference apps and games. Pulling up the rear we have 14% using back end as a service across health and fitness apps and productivity, dotcoms, media, and music.

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