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Top 10 Most Loved Restaurant Brands

Top 10 Most Loved Restaurant Brands

Top Restaurants with Brand Love

The complicated relationship between Arts and Science is referred to as the measurement of brand love. The technology involved is complicated but the basics boils down to a simple point, people explain how they feel about certain issues including brands, these descriptions can be analyzed to give an insight into the degree of sentiments.

Here are the best loved brands as a result of their undying devotion to customer satisfaction.
Red Mango
Peets Coffee & Tea
Bonefish Grills
Buffalo Wild Wings
Hard Rock Cafe
Boudin Sourdough Bakery & Cafe
Noodles Company
Chick Fila


29% are females age 18-34
21% are males age 18-34
23% are females age 35-49

The survey shows that females influence dinners to great extent. They love excellent service while making diners love good food and good service.
29% of female age 18-34 – love good service.
21% of male age 18-34 – love good food.
23% of female age 35-49 – love the brand experience.
12% of male age 35-49 – love good service.

The lack of menu customization, poor service and low quality food is repulsive to influential diners. Here is a list of 5 issues that is concerning to influential diners.

1. Slow Service.
2. Food Wrong.
3. Service Quality.
4. Food Quality.
5. Refusal to Customize Menu

5 details to good quality staff, service, and appeal desired from influential diners.

1. Food Quality.
2. Food Source.
3. Food Freshness.
4. Service Quality.
5. Staff Quality.

A listing of 5 restaurant brands that meet the needs of influential diners.

1. Orange Mango.
2. Bone Fish Grills.
3. Boudins Sourdough Bakery & Cafe.
4. Peets Coffee & Tea.
5. Panera Bread

List of 5 top dining cities where the influential go.

1. San Francisco, California
2. Washington D.C.
3. Dallas, Texas
4. Atlanta, Georgia
5. Las Vegas, Nevada

Diners admit to eating out more often to fast casual restaurants. This sector tops the list of most loved restaurants category.

1. Fast Casual.
2. Coffee/Snack.
3. Fine Dining.
4. Casual Dining Quick Service Restaurants.

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