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How to Create the Perfect Home Rental Advertisement

How to Create the Perfect Home Rental Advertisement

How Do You Create The Perfect Advert For Rental?

There is a lot to be considered when considering creating the perfect rental advert. It all boils down to highlighting the best aspects of the rental space, paying attention to every relevant detail, tailoring them towards the needs of your clients. Let us take a more detailed look at the different sections of your advert.


Details that are omitted from the property description should be included in your descriptions. These should include the space of the parking lots, great views, privacy of the yard, landscape patterns etc. Make sure you do not exaggerate as they might disappoint your clients. Be specific and include appealing features. Include directions using landmarks. It is advisable to include the asking price as this will be of help to serious clients.


Maximise the spaces for your pictures by displaying relevant areas like the kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, the pool if any and the floor plan. A picture is worth a thousand word so leverage on this to get your targeted client.

Photos should look fresh and clean, taking advantage of direct sunlight. Do not take photos at night using lamp lights or artificial lightening, this could make the picture look artificial. When taking a picture, snap from different angles with the main light source behind you. Snapping shots while crouching or kneeling is not a bad idea.

The use of virtual tours is not a nice, it makes the experience a pleasant one. Create them for the relevant section of the apartments.

Make Your Rental Easy To Locate

It is advisable to take into consideration search engine optimization techniques when designing an advertisement. This drives traffic and helps the end users determine if your advert is relevant to their search.

Place as much details as possible as this will enable indexation by search engines. Indexing enables your adverts to be found as quickly as possible when a search is conducted that relates to your attributes. In the creation of adverts, your goal should be to create quality contents so it can pull in more visitors.

To achieve this, here are some tips;
• Leave out the description of the scenery as this does not help your advert to be indexed.
• Use keywords that are related to the purpose of the property
• Instead of being too descriptive, identify specific location
• Use free analytic tools to analyse your website traffic, there are several free ones. This helps you monitor your web performance and make necessary adjustments. Check online for more in-depth SEO tools that are tailored for your industry. Perform a detailed research to know which tool best suits your requirement

In summary, make every advert unique, optimize the use of images to highlight the features of your property. This will get you more clients in the shortest possible time.

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