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List of 38 Famous People with ESTJ Personality Traits

A listings of 38 famous people and culture figures that resemble the personality traits of an ESTJ. It is estimated that 15% of America’s population consists of ESTJ’s. 96% of these types maintain job satisfaction based on operating within well organized and structured environments. Interesting enough, the ESTJ are the number one type to own their own small business. This personality type is also commonly found among cult leaders as ruling the pack.

Alan Dershowitz
Alec Baldwin
Amy Chua
Andrew Jackson
Ann Coulter
Augusto Pinochet
Bernard Montgomery
Bette Davis
Bill O’Reilly
Billy Graham
Condoleezza Rice
Dr. Phil
E.L. James
Elliot Ness
Emma Watson
George W. Bush
Grover Cleveland
Henry Ford
Ivanka Trump
James Monroe
Jerry Falwell
John D. Rockefeller
Judge Judy
Kelsey Grammer
Laura Schlessinger
Lucy Liu
Lyndon B. Johnson
Martha Stewart
Michelle Malkin
Michelle Obama
Nancy Grace
Robert A. Taft
Roger Ebert
Saddam Hussein
Steve Ballmer
Tom Clancy
Uma Thurman
William Henry Harrison

A special thanks to CelebrityTypes.com for listing out some great famous ESTJs.

Infographic on What Your Desk Says About You

The below infographic provides insight on how the organization of your desk speaks volumes about your personality and popular traits. Over half of Americans judge their coworkers by how their desk is maintained.

What Your Desk Says About You

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