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Top 10 Best Restaurant Chains and Menu Innovations

Top 10 Best Restaurant Chains and Menu Innovations

Top 100 And Move Shakers

Let us have a glimpse at the top restaurants.

The first on the list is Smash Burger, headed by Dave Prolkupek, Zoés Kitchen, Fire House Subs, Zoup, Free Bird World Burrito, Chipotle Mexican Grill, headed by Steven Ells, Five Guy Burgers and Fries, Freshii, with Matthew Corrin as its leader and Go Roma.

For Menu Innovation

Here are some outstanding menu option ideas.

1. Gluten – Fried Foods
A research conducted by the University of Maryland School Of Medicine Centre For Celiac Research, it was discovered that 18 million United States residents suffered from gluten sensitivity. This recipe recorded an outstanding $2.6 billion in sales in 201 and $3 billion predicted by 2014.

2. Banh Mi – Sandwiches
Native Vietnamese ingredients are blended to form this special mean. They are grilled pork, pickled vegetables, hot peppers and Cilantro with classic French cuisines such as pate and mayonnaise. These are all stuffed into a crisp baguettes.

3. Back To Scratch Cooking.
Credits to an increased interest in health foods options and a more sustainable menu selection. This method of cooking has gained grounds in restaurants and has prospects for future popularity.

Top Rated Technologies

1. Coca Cola Freestyle
This is an innovative coca cola dispenser that has the ability of dispensing over 120 beverages of choice.

2. The Apple iPad
This device has revolutionised life style with various applications for ordering services and employee training materials.

3. People Matter HR Platforms
This platform has transformed this industry so much that services are now improved and training for employees are now more effective.

Top Trends In The Industry

1. Rapid growth of fast casuals has been so obvious that the Forbes Magazine named a Burger Joint as “Americas Most Promising Company”. The industry is poised for exploits in the future.

2. Social Media has gone viral and experts are suggesting that it should be regarded as a discipline which should complement marketing skills for business success.

3. With the advent of mobile devices, mobile ordering has become fashionable. It has been predicted that by 2015, over a billion smart phones will be in use. This has infiltrated the industry and operators are keying to the trend.

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