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Global Search Engine Market Share Statistics

Global Search Engine Market Share Statistics

What You Need to Know About the SEO Market Today

With the wake of Google panda and penguin updates this year the SEO market place has greatly changed, and many other online businesses have been affected by the same. With the updates having been instilled for all web pages, online company owners have been forced to adapt to the changes so as to enjoy higher ranks which translate to traffic within a website. The new updates saw a greater change in search engine algorithms and rankings, and this has seen many businesses lose millions of shillings in revenue from advertisements and other revenue channels. There are many other changes that have happened in the SEO market, and every internet marketer needs to grasp the same. Discussed below is a list of issues that may be of help to internet marketers to better their marketing techniques.


The amount of money spent for marketing has doubled since the introduction of the new updates. This has seen more businesses’ inject more money for advertisement and other techniques for achieving higher ranks in search engines. This is because all inorganic methods of gaining ranks have been scrapped off, and one has to deliver quality content to make it to the top of search engine ranks. Optimization techniques have also changed greatly, with search engine marketing declining the most. Nevertheless, search engine optimization and marketing go hand in hand in campaigning for a web page. The social media and other marketing techniques also contribute a small percentage on how pages are ranked today.

Performance Tracking

To enforce search engine optimization and ensure optimal results from the same, online businesses and website owners have been advised to various ways of tracking performance. This includes tracking search engine optimization efforts used for marketing to see progress. Although most companies do not track these, it is very important for the economic health of the company. By monitoring all marketing strategies and techniques, the internet marketer can identify dwindling ones and look for newer strategies to improve the same. Some SEO companies and agencies can offer these services at a fee, where a page analysis needs to be done and implemented to ensure that the pages are always ranked highly and drive traffic as it should be. It is due to this reason why it is mostly recommended to use these agencies today for better delivery of services and continued service production.

Continued Monitoring

Measuring and monitoring Search Engine Optimization is very crucial for businesses, because it helps obtain essential data that can be used to better the page’s ranking in search engines. It also helps in identifying the most used and related keywords that can be used to enhance performance and traffic to the website. Traffic is the core factor that drives traffic into ones websites. Through website monitoring, the web owner can find more ways of managing revenue allocation and funds used for advertising. Due to these reasons and many more, search engine optimization and its marketplace continues to change over time, and it takes strategic planning on the same to manage and sustain a higher rank in engines.

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