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55 Famous People with ESFJ Personality Traits

A listing of 55 famous people that have the ESFJ personality traits. These personality types are typically toe to the line individuals that are loyal and structured. ESFJ’s carry more moderate levels of stress around major areas of health, caring for the elderly, and balancing their work and home life. Because of this, they are more likely than average to develop heart disease and hypertension. Additional interesting facts about ESFJ’s is how this personality type accounts for 80% of elementary school teachers. As a guardian dominated type, they enjoy the environment of education with those that learn and think. However, their own time spent in college tends to be dominated by intuitives. This can become overwhelming along with teaching methods used that do not match their natural preferences.

Alicia Keys
Alyson Hannigan
Andrew Carnegie
Andy Rooney
Anne Hathaway
Barbara Walters
Chris Wallace
Colin Powell
Daniel Goleman
Danny Glover
Desi Arnaz
Desmond Tutu
Don Knotts
Elton John
Gerald Ford
Harry S. Truman
Hugh Jackman
Jack Benny
Jamie Bell
Jason Segel
Jennifer Garner
Jenny McCarthy
Jessica Alba
Joachim von Ribbentrop
John Boehner
John Connally
Larry King
Laura Harring
Lesley Stahl
Mariah Carey
Mary Tyler Moore
Monica Bellucci
Nancy Kerrigan
Penelope Cruz
Prince William
Randy Jackson
Reba McIntire
Regis Philbin
Rick Santorum
Sally Field
Sally Struthers
Sam Walton
Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Palin
Selena Gomez
Shania Twain
Steve Spurrier
Terry Bradshaw
Tyra Banks
Vanessa Hudgens
Victoria Beckham
Vin Diesel
Whitney Houston
William McKinley
Woody Harrelson

A special thanks to CelebrityTypes.com for listing out some great famous ESFJs.

Infographic on What Your Handwriting Says About You

The below infographic discusses the specific traits gathered from an individual based on their handwriting. The way that an individual writes can indicate over 5,000 personality traits.

55 Famous People with ESFJ Personality Traits

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