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Top 10 Adoption Fundraiser Ideas

Adoption is an exciting and rewarding time. However, the adoption process can be quite costly. If you are unable to finance the costs on your own, fundraisers are a great way to raise the money you need. Below are several adoption fundraiser ideas that can help you reach your goal.

Host a Silent Auction

Silent auctions are a great way to raise money, especially for an adoption. Auctions can be held just about anywhere, but a local venue may be willing to donate space for your event. In order for the auction to be a success, you will need to secure some great prizes to auction off. Reach out to the local business community for donations, or ask for donations from friends and family. Make sure to place a donation box at the door as well. This type of event will take quite a bit of work to plan and organize, but you have the potential to raise thousands of dollars.

Do Yard Work for Neighbors

When seasons change, yard work becomes a tedious chore for most homeowners. Offer to rake leaves, wash windows, weed gardens, trim bushes, or water plants in exchange for donations. Start out in your own neighborhood and work your way out to nearby neighborhoods. Make sure to tell each person why you are trying to raise money. This idea can easily help you raise hundreds of dollars.

Craft and Sell Holiday Cards

Create a set of handmade holiday cards and sell them. Most people send out holiday cards each year, and people enjoy the idea of sending out cards that are handmade or unique. There are several online card makers and software programs available. You can also choose to create your own cards using card paper and accessories.

Sell Old Jewelry

Do you have old jewelry in your home? You can sell old silver or gold jewelry – even if it’s broken. Many jewelers will purchase these items, and there are “cash for gold” establishments in most cities today. This is a quick and easy way to generate some extra money for your adoption.

Cookie Sale

One of the best ways to raise money is to sell products, and baked goods are hot commodities. Just about everyone loves a freshly baked cookie, and the minimal cost of the supplies needed to bake cookies makes this a profitable fundraising idea. If you aren’t a skilled baker, you can reach out to local bakeries to see if any would be willing to donate cookies or offer you a discounted rate.

Viral Fundraising Sites

Websites such as GoFundMe, FirstGiving and Crowdrise allow you to raise money online through a donation website. Reach out to friends, family members, co-workers and anyone else that you know to make a donation through the site. Use social media websites like Facebook and Twitter to spread the word and reach a larger audience. It is possible to raise several thousand dollars just through a fundraising website alone.


Ask your family and friends to save up the money they usually spend on coffee and donate it. This doesn’t necessarily have to be coffee either. It can be anything that they purchase on a daily basis (i.e. bagels, sodas, etc.). This idea can easily raise $80 – $100 per person who participates. Reach out to co-workers as well and ask them to participate in the event.

Christmas in July Party

Host a fun Christmas in July party. Charge an admission fee and plan plenty of fun activities, such as a Christmas tree decorating contest. Don’t forget to have Santa make an appearance in his Bermuda shorts, sandals and a Hawaiian shirt. Anyone who attends can dress in their summer attire, but don’t forget to give them their own Santa hat. During the event, you can take everyone caroling. Bring a tip bucket with you to earn some extra donations.

Outdoor Movie Night

Host an outdoor movie night in your backyard. Do not charge an admission fee, but sell concessions and ask for donations. If you have the budget or right connections, you can set up a large outdoor screen to show the movie on. Be sure to provide plenty of seating for guests and have lots of snacks to sell.

Mother’s Day Photos

If you have a photographer friend who is talented and willing to donate their time/skills, you can host a Mother’s Day photo event. The photo session is free, but each participant will have to pay for the digital file and email containing the photos. Set up your photo sessions in a nice outdoor location, or a professional indoor studio. This is a great way for you to raise money for your adoption while giving your photographer friend great exposure. You can also ask for additional donations when sending out the photo emails to each participant.

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