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Review of the Earl of Sandwich Franchise Opp and Startup Costs

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich? Putting your favorite ingredients between two slices of bread was by far the greatest invention that the 4th Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu, ever had! The Sandwich family might be on their 11th Earl right now, over two centuries later, but they’re still as passionate about this quick food that carries their name as they were when the first sandwich was ever made!

When you’ve got a franchise that literally bears the name of the inventor of your product, then you’ve got the initial foundations for success. You’ll have the support of the Sandwich family. Now it’s up to you to reinvent the sandwich in your own way and have a stunning, potentially profitable franchise working for you!

It All Starts With Location For This Franchise Opportunity

The journey of this franchise begins with the location where you’d intend to put it! Earl of Sandwich got their start when they opened in 2004 because of a high traffic area in Orlando, FL, and they have taken the message they received from this experience to heart. Location is the most important aspect of your new franchise, so every effort will be taken to make sure that you get the best location possible for your new investment!

The specialists at Earl of Sandwich will help you look at the top sites that are in your community, using the latest tools and mapping technology to estimate traffic. The construction and final designs are based on a strict set of quality standards and approved architects will provide you with schematics and even assist during the initial bidding process. This gives you a modern look that is still consistent with the growing branding and images that this organization is attempting to bring to the world.

As the site begins to be developed, you’ll notice with this franchise that training takes on a higher importance. Just as there are construction standards with Earl of Sandwich, there are also training standards that must be met. You’ll learn about this franchise’s expectations for you in a thorough, three week training course that involves the owner and management team of the organization. You’ll also get support to get your grand opening off the ground and on-the-job training that will help you smooth out any of the last wrinkles in the process.

All of this help must come with a cost – can you even afford an Earl of Sandwich franchise if the organization is providing each franchisee with this level of service?

What Are the Costs of an Earl of Sandwich Franchise?

This organization is looked for people who are not only passionate about sandwiches, but passionate about excellence as well! If that describes who you are in a nutshell and you can meet these minimum franchise investment qualifications, then there’s a good possibility that you’ll be on the fast track to success!

To open just one franchise location, Earl of Sandwich requires a net worth of $750k with liquid assets of at least $300k. Multiple franchises are often owned with this organization and you’ll get lower minimum financial qualifications with more franchise locations. With 5 units, for example, your net worth must be $1 million with $500k liquid capital. For 10 units, you must have a net worth of $2 million, but your liquid capital can be just $800k.

The franchise fee is typically $25,000 per location, but discounts on this fee may apply if your plan is to open multiple locations through a new franchisee agreement. The typical investment seen to get a store from conception to is grand opening is typically about $250k, but can be as high as $368k depending on your community and the location that you have chosen.

There are royalties that must also be paid and these are one of the higher requirements in the industry today with Earl of Sandwich. The primary royalty is 6% of each location’s gross sales, while there is also a 5% advertising fee. In return, you’ll get exposure to your community regionally and receiving regular visits from corporate headquarters to make sure you’re business venture is humming along at maximum speed.

It’s Not Just Money That Earl of Sandwich Is Interested In Having

If you qualify for a franchise with Earl of Sandwich based on your financial situation that can be proven, then you’ll be taken into a secondary evaluation period as a potential franchisee. This is where you will be evaluated to determine what your likelihood of success with a franchise will be. You’ll need to show a proven track record of success in the restaurant or hospitality industry, as well as a history of business success.

Don’t have those things yet because you’re just getting started? That may be fine if you have the determination to find success and an entrepreneurial spirit that can help you come out on top in environments that are sometimes highly competitive. You’ll also need to have an acceptable credit history and pass a background check, but most importantly of all, you’ll need to be committed to the systems and standards of the organization.

Is This the Right Investment Opportunity For You?

Earl of Sandwich has only been franchising for less than a decade, which means this is a chance to get in on the ground floor of an exciting new concept on an old invention. With just 12 franchisees and 14 company owned units in place around the world, many of them in high traffic locations such as Downtown Disney and Atlantic City, you’ve got an excellent opportunity to make your mark on the sandwich world with your own business.

If you’re looking for an excellent way to diversify your portfolio and you don’t mind the risks of the restaurant industry, then this franchise is an exciting opportunity that you won’t want to miss! Take a look at the full application package, meet with the organization, and see for yourself just how great a sandwich you could make for your community! Begin the application process today!

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