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Tips on Fixing a WordPress Blog that Has Been Hacked

Tips on Fixing a WordPress Blog that Has Been Hacked

How Safe is WordPress: Security Measures to Secure Your Site

Many of us prefer using WordPress for blogs and even to create new websites. It has been the most trusted CMS platform for the longest time, and this has seen to many people using and entrusting it with their content online. However, there have been many reports of WordPress sites being hacked by malicious people, and although this can be protected, it is costing these people a lot of time and money. The safety of your WordPress site highly depends with how you consider security within your website, and how to manage the same. There are several ways of ensuring complete security within WordPress sites. To safely secure your WordPress site, you need to identify and know how hackers log onto your site, and why.

How Hackers Gain Access to WordPress Sites

Hackers use simple tools to get log in details for your website, especially if you are not keen enough. Here are some of the known methods that attract hackers:

1. Weak log in details: this makes it easier for hacker to guess your password and long in comfortably.

2. The use of unknown plugins and themes: hackers are clever persons, and will use an enticing plugin to eavesdrop on your password. Once you install this plugin into your site, it then gives them full control over the site. People are advised only to use plugins and themes from trusted and rated developers, and ones that have been in the market for longer.

3. Web hosts or malware in personal computers: a PC infected with malware makes it easier for a hacker to collect all personal details and log into your site. This is the reason why people are advised to use antiviruses and also ensure that the computer used to access the WordPress sites is free from these malware and clean. An infected machine poses a bigger threat to your site and needs to be avoided at all costs.

Hackers have various reasons on why they want to hack on people’s accounts and sites. Although most of them do it for fun, most of them target high performing sites to include links in the sites, thus tapping links from your site privately. If you do not notice it in time, they can then mess up your site and compromise everything you ever trusted within the sites.

How to secure WordPress sites

The only way to secure WordPress sites and other CMS platforms is by first securing them with strong passwords. Do not use predictable passwords on WordPress sites unless you want it to be hacked again. The other way is to keep updating the site regularly. This will help identify unusual activity and take precautionary measures on the same. If you have to use a plugin, always ensure it is from a trusted source, and never something that has not yet been rated by reviewers, otherwise you will be endangering your site. PC health is crucial for your website’s security, and needs to be clean and free from malware, adware and viruses. . This means using highly efficient and strong antiviruses as well as installing security plugins within the WordPress site itself to enhance protection and security.

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