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Tips for Lead Generation in Sales and Marketing


How to Create the Ultimate Lead Generation Campaign

Lead generation is the life blood of every business. But are you tracking down the right leads in your marketing campaign? You need highly qualified leads, to have a chance of getting healthy conversion rates and achieving the best sales result.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation involves finding potential prospects, and collecting their contact information. Paid search and display ads can be a very effective way of gathering leads, but only if the campaign is thoroughly researched and optimized. The salesperson will then contact the prospects over a period of time, with the aim of making a sale.

This can be in the form of direct telemarketing, or email contact. But these are only the initial form of communication. You can use many different methods to send your message and offers to potential customers. Direct mail and postcards are another option. Depending on your business type, you may have a catalog you can send to entice prospects. Teleconferencing, seminars and webinars are often used, especially for high value products or services.

Lead generation is a very important aspect of a company. The majority of Business to Business (B2B) organizations measure online marketing success based on lead generation results. Even among Business to Customer (B2C) organisations, it is a very highly rated metric.

Lead Generation Trends

Online technologies have opened up a virtual ocean of prospects for lead generation. There is a potential downside. You can end up with so many poor quality leads, that is wastes both your time and money. Here some of the top trends in the online lead generation world:

– Apps. With mobile apps you have a great way of presenting your information in a functional and effective manner.

– Mobile commerce. Near Field communication (NFC), QR codes, Bluetooth and text ads, all fall under the mobile commerce banner.

– Automation. Technology allows us to automate many of the routine and repetitive business tasks. This does need prior market analysis for effective use.

– Personalization. With the rise of social media, we expect more and more customized content that speaks directly to the prospect. Creating exclusive offers and opt-in incentives, is a highly effective lead generation strategy.

– Integration. The process of generating leads and then eventually turning a prospect into a customer is a lengthy process. With integration you ease the transition and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

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