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Facebook Giveaway Ideas, Examples, and Promos


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Increasing the “like” counter is just a small part of the Facebook marketing strategy. I’m sure you know that it is all about quality, and not quantity. Boost your Facebook engagement by using the right type of Facebook promotion for your business.

Promotions can draw many targeted visitors to a Facebook page, but only if used correctly. Promos are a very valuable tool in your marketing, as they encourage interaction and engagements.

To run a successful promotion, you have to understand which type of Facebook promo is the best fit for your goals. Read on to learn the four basic types of promotions and how they are best used to promote your Facebook page.

Deals and Offers

An offer or deal presents a low barrier to entry. It is the ideal form of promotion for getting mass participation. The typical format for this kind of promo is asking the user to do something in return for access to the deal. This could be as simple as sharing the offer with a friend to get a discount coupon.

Using a deal app allows you to expand your reach to more social networks. It works just as well in a wide range of industries and markets. An important aspect to any offer is the user has to see enough value in the deal to want to spend time completing it.


This is a simple chance-based promotional technique. It has the advantage of being easy to setup and run. Also it doesn’t demand much from the user to enter. Usually entering a name and email is all that is required to gain entry. The winner is then randomly chosen after the close date of the promo.

The low barrier to entry increases the number of users, but doesn’t involve as much engagement as other forms of promotions. To increase interaction on the Facebook page, allow daily entries to get return visitors. Sweepstakes are a good way of capturing details about potential future leads.


A contest involves more engagement from the user compared to the previous two promo types. Contests are usually a skill-based promotion, as opposed to randomly drawing winners. The actual level of difficulty can be set to low or high, depending on your target market and the aim of the promo.

User interaction is high as contests usually require some creativity to enter and a means to judge or vote on the winner. Some examples of contests include video entry, essays, photo contests or caption competitions. Don’t drag out a contest for too long. User attention span is (by necessity) short on Facebook, so create some buzz about your contest and wrap it up in a reasonable amount of time.

Multi-Network Promos

This is similar to deal promotions, but involves at least one additional social platform. You could use Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. It works in the same way as a deal so the user does something to gain access to special offers. The key difference is that it encourages interaction on other social networks.

This is a good way of increasing followers on other social media sites, by leveraging your existing Facebook fans. A good example is asking your Facebook users to Tweet a message about your business or offer, to get a coupon code.

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