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The Perfect Guide to Being a Gentleman


Women love to date gentlemen. A popular perception exists that gentlemen are not fun loving, they are not chivalrous, they don’t like to indulge in adventures and are actually mundane or boring. Such perceptions are merely figments of imagination. A gentleman can be adventurous and polite at the same time. A gentleman can be fun loving and calm at the same time. There are numerous traits that separate gentlemen form ordinary men.

If you wish to be an insanely desirable gentleman then you need to endorse these 73 tips which are shared in the form of this info-graphic. Being a gentleman can be extremely rewarding as most women will find you desirable and many will find you irresistible.

The Gentleman Persona

There are many other perceptions about being a gentleman which the info-graphic attempts to bust as myths. A gentleman doesn’t need to bear a moustache or a trimmed beard. He doesn’t need to wear a hat and be suited at all times. A tux is not indicative of a man being a gentleman. A rude, arrogant and uncouth of a man can put on a tux, bear a moustache, wear a fancy hat and eat at fine places while being uncaring, unloving, selfish and unfaithful among others.

The 73 ways that you are going to discover and explore are not out of the world. They are not demanding any man to become a millionaire first to become a gentleman. There is no need for an image makeover or costly endeavours which can give one an edge over other men. Being a gentleman is all about the right attributes, the ideal characteristic traits and how to be with a girl you love in a gentlemanly manner.

Qualities of a Gentleman

You would notice that being faithful, speaking the truth, avoiding blame games, being caring towards a woman, promising in a righteous manner and not with motives or proper hygiene, noticing little things and addressing them, complimenting a woman, making her happy and being cooperative among others are the basic requisites to become a gentleman. In other words, a gentleman is not a godsend or a larger than life man. He can be a very ordinary man with very ordinary qualities but be a treasure with the 73 traits that are highlighted in the info-graphic.

Whether you are single or married, dating someone or in a live in relationship, these 73 ways will make you the man of a woman’s dreams.

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