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Review of the Spazmatics Franchise Opp and Startup Costs

Are you looking for a unique investment opportunity? Do you love music or happen to be a musician who is looking for a way to get a gig that pays reliably? The Spazmatics franchise might just be the ticket to getting paid on a regular basis. This cover band concept is presented by Perfect World Entertainment and combines all the great sounds from the 80’s music that still rings in people’s heads so that any event can capture the very best of the worst music this decade had to offer.

If you’re ready to have your investment party like it’s 1999, then starting your own Spazmatics band might just be the ticket for you. They’re in 10 cities right now… and your city could be lucky #11.

What Does It Take To Start a Spazmatics Franchise?

The primary part of the equation is an ability to provide a high level of entertainment. You can be part of the next group of Spazmatics or you can be a franchise manager for your own city. It’s completely up to you. What you’ll receive from Perfect World Entertainment, the management group of all the authorized Spazmatics around the country, is a series of backing tracks that your band will then sing and even play along with if the talents is there.

The primary reason why people come to see this cover band is because it brings back the fond memories of growing up during the 1980’s. The look of the band is guaranteed to bring about these memories and provide some fun the meantime as well. The average show is about 4 hours in length for this franchise opportunity and you’ll be able to charge about $1500-$2000 for each gig that is booked. Perfect World Entertainment handles many of the bookings for you, although you may be able to negotiate your own contract as they are acting as a manager in their own right.

You’ll be performing in a number of different venues around your city as well. You’ll often find a Spazmatics at a corporate party, at weddings, and even at some birthday parties. Many of the bands also have a weekly gig at a local bar, restaurant, or other stage venue that helps to drive up traffic as well. Overall the concept is proven, the risks are rather low, and you’re given everything that you need for success. You even get a diagram to help set up your stage in a proper way.

How Much Does It Cost To Start a Spazmatics?

The cost is actually variable and dependent on a number of different things. The first consideration is the cost of the costumes. You’ll need to create an ensemble for your band that is similar in appearance to the other versions of the Spazmatics that are across the country. If you are unable to replicate the look, then you’ll be unable to create the fun environment that is the trademark of this franchised band.

You’ll also be required to provide all of your band’s equipment that is needed for the show and Perfect World Entertainment has some specific requirements about this. You’ll need to have a completed four piece drum set that includes cymbals and hardware that is comparable to Yamaha or Pearl standards. Stands, pedals, and thrones are all your responsibility as well. You’ll also need a bass amplifier for your backline and SWR 4×10 cabinets. The final backline requirement is a combo guitar amp which must be a Matchless, a Fender, or a Marshall DC30.

You’re also going to need to provide a minimum level of sound for your gigs. There are a number of amplifiers that are required, speaker cabinets, outboard gear, and microphones that you’ll need to include. Perfect World Entertainment has some brand requirements that must be met for these items to be approved. You’ll also need sound monitors, a straight lead vocal mic stand, and all of the necessary cables, snakes, and other extensions that are required to produce the right level of sound.

The biggest expense, however, would be the mixing boards that are required. You’ll need a minimum of two 24 channel mixers, one for the FOH and the other for the monitors, to produce the right level of sound for your gig. You will need to have this equipment on hand because part of the agreement with PWE is that you’ll do chartered shows in your community, not just on stages where the equipment might be provided to you.

Calculating the costs of all the equipment, the instruments, and the costumes, you’re easily looking at a minimum of $50k in equipment costs to get the ball rolling on a Spazmatics franchise. You’ll also be ceding booking responsibilities to PWE for the band and the industry standard booking fee is a minimum of 10% in most cases. It can be as high as 15% and you may end up negotiating an even higher rate under individual circumstances.

How Good Is This Investment?

If you’ve got a lot of this equipment already because your band has already been gigging and you just can’t seem to book a show, then this investment makes some sense. You just change your identity, wear the standardized costume, and you’re ready to go earn some money based on the amount of gigs you can solicit. All in all, it’s not a bad idea for an established musician who wants to earn some extra cash or get back to work.

If you’re just starting from scratch, however, there’s a lot of risk you’d be assuming with the investment. You’d have to spring for all of the equipment and then market yourself with help from PWE. The concept is proven, but might not be accepted locally. You do have access to bookings from a national website and you do have exposure throughout the country because of other franchises. That works in your favor, but it could be some time before you recoup your full investment with this franchise opportunity.

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