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The New Business Environment: Concepts, Layers and Examples

The New Business Environment: Concepts, Layers and Examples

The Modern Workplace

Businesses are moving towards a more modern workplace where it is not just about money and work, but about the environment and employee morale. Here is a look at some of the organizations known for looking at establishing an improved workplace.


Google has been rated number one in the past as being the most desirable company to work for. Here are just a few reasons as to why Google has made a name for themselves. 33% of the total electricity is used from renewable sources with over a billion dollars spend on renewable energy projects. 6 million square feet of Google’s buildings are LEED certified. Google is also responsible for removing 40 million vehicle miles from roads per year. Solar panels used at their Mountain View campus product 3 million kWh of clean energy and capable of providing 500,000 homes with electricity each year.

As an employer, they provide 15-25 days of paid vacation and 5 months full pay maternity leave. Providing childcare for their employees with flexible work hours where they are encouraged to work from home and have family friendly scheduled. Extras include 20% time program which gives employees 20% of paid work time when volunteering, attending an organized on-campus event, or do other activities outside their core duties.

As a result of their efforts, 5,000 plus Googlers tackled more than 400 projects around the world through matching their skills to specific nonprofit needs and use up to 20 hours of work time across the year to volunteer. As a pet project, Google launched AllForGood.com to connect people to volunteer activities. Additionally, Google has given $1.11 billion in cash, products, and services last year. Through their match program, money added when “Googlers” volunteer their time or get to work through environmentally friendly modes of transportation whether on foot, bike, or kayak. Google has also donated over $50 million to over 12,000 nonprofit organizations through the program.


Intel is another organization that promotes a match program. In 2009, the US Community Giving Campaign raised more than $12 million for every 20 volunteer hours logged by employees. The Intel Foundation donates $80 to local schools and non-profit organizations. Intel also utilizes nine solar electric installations generating approximately 3.8 million kilowatt hours per year. Newsweek has given Intel a 59.2 green score for recycling over 40 billion gallons of water since 1998, and investing over $100 million conversation programs since 1998. Their renewable energy credit purchase exceeds 85% of their estimated use.

As an employer, they give 15-20 days of paid vacation to their employees with the ability for new mothers after maternity leave to gradually increase their work schedule from 20 to 32 hours, back up to 40. Additionally, they offer five primary care childcare centers. Every 7 years, employees can earn a two month sabbatical for fitness centers with exercise classes, an onsite spa that provides haircuts, facials, and therapeutic massages.

Johnson & Johnson

Another company that finds themselves on the list of one of the top desirable employers to work for, Johnson & Johnson provides 30 days of paid vacation each year to their employees as well as four weeks of full pay maternity and adoption leave. Additionally, 40 hours of paid time off is given for personal and family leave. Training is also provided for stress management skills and free resiliency training.

As a company, $603.3 million is cash and products have been given to over 700 programs in more than 50 countries in 2010. Over $11 million is allocated through Matching Gifts program with matches made between $25 and $1250 for eligible organizations. Over $100 million in cash has been provided to organizations in the US and around the world for corporate and operating companies programs and projects. Over the past three years, Johnson and Johnson has given almost $3 million units of medicine to a half million US patients with a Pet Project that delivered more than $145,000 in products to Sandy victims and hygiene kits to survivors within only days of the storm.

Environmentally sound, Newsweek has given Johnson and Johnson a 61.5 green score for having the largest fleet of hybrids in the world with over 5,700 ground mounted solar panels spanning six and a half acres. In 2008, this company was named the second largest corporate user of on-site solar power in the US by World Resources Institute.

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