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Most Widely Used Mobile Operating Systems (OS)

Most Widely Used Mobile Operating Systems (OS)

The New Age of Business in a Mobile Marketplace

Businesses continually change to meet the new landscape. In the day of technology, how people access the web and conduct commerce activities, create a new age of business within the mobile marketplace. Here is a look at what it takes for your business to get with the times.

Web Traffic by Device

Approximately 80% of the total web traffic in the US was performed by desktop. Almost 15% originated from smart phones with over 5% accessing the web through their tablets. Of desktop access, 85% were using a windows based OS with only 13% using Apple OSX. With tablet access 95% of users were accessing from an Apple iOS and the remaining 5% used other devices. From the mobile phone, Apple iOS accounted for over 70% of users and the remaining Android based devices.

Web Trends by Device

It has been estimated that in 2013, mobile phones would overtake desktops as the most commonly used device to access the web worldwide based on previous trend analysis. Statistics have shown that mobile devices are on the ride in usage for e-commerce.

• 40% increase in purchases made from mobile devices from the previous year.
• 190% increase in mobile payment volume from the previous year.
• 166% increase in the number of people shopping via a mobile device from the previous year.

The experience with mobile devices also shows a smaller abandonment threshold when compared to desktops. Most consumers will wait about five seconds for a website to load on their mobile device but only three seconds when using a desktop.

Including a location on mobile search results has shown a 200% improvement with click through rates. Studies have shown that it can take over 10 sessions for a mobile user to use an app before making their first in-app purchase.

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