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The History Behind the Wedding Ring


Have you ever thought about the development of the wedding band, as still used today in wedding ceremonies, in the context of history at large? In this article, we will take a look at the origins of some wedding band traditions and preferences, as well as how this mysterious token of love has grown in popularity, and has evolved from one civilization in history to the next.

Ancient Traditions

Rings were first made and used to represent love in ancient Egypt. The empty circle was seen as a gateway to whatever the future would bring. Depending upon the wealth of the giver, rings could have been made from plants, ivory, leather, or even bone. In Rome, the wedding band was used as a symbol for ownership over the woman on the part of the man. As women entered their homes for the first time, a band of either silver or gold was presented to them, but not at the altar or during the ceremony. It was placed on the left ring finger because these ancients thought that was closest to an important vein that led directly to the heart.

Middle Ages till Modern Times

In the middle ages in Europe the use of the wedding band became more Christianized. Simple metal rings were favored over those that were intricately engraved. Plan, golden rings with a single gemstone became a popular choice. The tradition of the priest placing he ring partially on the bride’s finger before placing it on the ring finger became commonplace. By the 15th century, wedding rings were ingrained into western culture. Engravings came back into vogue, eventually, usually consisting of love poems. Diamond engagements rings also became so widespread that even royalty used them to signify love and commitment.

Modern Usage

In the United States, the wedding band tradition has continued to grow. Certain metals became more popular with men than others after WWII. It was during this war that men used wedding rings to remind them of their loved ones at that they were busy fighting for. Today, men in many different culture wear wedding bands to signify their love and commitment. A wide variety of styles for every taste, and nearly one for any budget, is available at many different jewelry, department stores, and even pawn shops. Finding the perfect one is simply up to you, and is totally your choice alone.

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