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The Game of Thrones Houses in Today’s Tech Industry


Game of Thrones recently finished its third season and the parallels between this battle for power and the world of technologically are mind-blowing. The most prominent tech companies are facing off over profit margins and brand recognition, while the houses of realm wage on over wealth and army relevancy. When you break it down into these terms, it is hard to see the similarities.

Since we know that similarities exist between Game of Thrones and the Tech World, just what are the parallels?

House of Targaryen

Apple is the equivalent to the House of Targaryen in the Game of Thrones. Apple is on top and was built with innovation and passion that others can’t compete with. Everyone is gunning for this rightful ruler.

House of Lannisters

The similarities begin at the large backing that both Microsoft and the House of Lannisters have behind them. Both are rich and have the backup to protect and keep them in contention.

House of Baratheon

HP is the technical version of the House of Baratheon and fell due to a lack of respect for those around. HP got comfortable and quickly became overtaken by the competitors that were once not seen as capable.

The Nights Watch

IBM is a lot like the Nights Watch and moved onto a new field. IBM transitioned from developing hardware to becoming known for research and technical consulting services. Adapting is what allowed both the Nights Watch and IBM to survive.

The House of GreyJoy

The parallels for the House of GreyJoy and Samsung are not as deep as the previous similarities, but both originated from island regions and are trying to compete with the North. Sometimes you have to reach a little when making wide ranging comparisons, just go with it.

The House of Tully

Nokia is the technical version of the House of Tully and began a downslide over a battle of power. Only one is left standing and getting back to glory is not inevitable after the collapse.

House of Starks

Intel is the technical foil of the house of Starks from the Game of Thrones. Intel, much like the House of Starks, has a former member in every other house or company.

Lord Varyn

The spider analogy is a dead giveaway that Google is the parallel technical company that has knowledge about everything in existence in some capacity.

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