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38 Great Social Media Tips from the Experts

Social media is revolutionizing the very concept of mass media. While internet had empowered people to get access to almost any information in the world, social media has truly empowered people to have a voice. What that has done for businesses is that millions and billions of people have come onboard various social media sites to make them the largest marketplaces in the world. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and YouTube among others are easily the largest mediums using which you can target an unprecedented audience at the same time, that too in real time.

The following infographic takes a look at how social media campaigns can raise brand awareness ad engage potential customers on a deeper level than traditional marketing strategies.

Social Media Marketing Campaign

Integrating Social Media for Marketing

While social media has empowered businesses as well, not many companies are certain of how exactly one should use social media. In the associated slideshow, 38 Marketing Tips From The Pros, you would get to hear from some of the stalwarts in social media marketing, branding and from entrepreneurs who have capitalized the waves of social media.

Social media is not about talking to your audience or telling your audience what you want to say. Social media is about communicating. It isn’t a one way highway. Traditional billboards on roadsides didn’t have to listen or pay heed to what the passerby had to say or how the viewer would react. Only when the viewer would call up in response to the ad, if they would call up at all, could the company speak with them and start communicating. On social media, communication is in real time, prompt and you would have to engage in the elaborate discussion that may follow.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

This very nature of social media being a real time platform which opens both ways, for the business and for the consumer, demands that you have a completely different approach on this medium than what you would have deployed in print, visual, radio or television advertising and marketing.

Riding The Waves Of Social Media is a comprehensive guide to make the best out of your online presence. It is not about using the most exciting logos or the right fonts to attract people. It is about being human, having a message that connects with people and then indulging in the communication that ensues thereafter. There are many elements of social media that you should understand, from what can be sold to what can only be promoted and not sold, what influence is, how different forms of contents work to what the potential of social media is.

You can explore more of these and other aspects of social media in the slideshow.

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