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12 Awesome Fundraising Ideas for Churches

Churches rely on donations to maintain their facilities and provide services to the local community. Although the collection plate can generate quite a bit of money for the church, community members often get involved by helping to raise additional funds. Listed below are some fundraising ideas for churches that are easy to organize.

Rubber Duck Races

If you have access to a river or a lake, you can organize a rubber duck race. Each participant can decorate their duck and set them off down the stream. Charge an entry fee for the race. You can also host a bake sale and sell concessions during the race to generate more money. Make sure that you schedule a rain date just in case it rains or the weather is poor.


A cook-off is a great fundraising event to host during the spring and summer. You can choose a theme for the event (i.e. cuisine type) or allow each chef to enter their own specialty. For a summer twist, have each chef grill their meal. Each person can vote on their favorite dishes with cash. Charge $1 per vote. The dish that raises the most money wins a prize. Ask local businesses for prize donations. You can also sell refreshments during the event.

Rummage Sale

Rummage sales can raise thousands of dollars for your church. Ask the community to donate old and used items to the sale. Host the sale at the church on a Saturday, or on a Sunday after church services. At the sale, you can also sell baked goods and drinks to raise more funds. Advertise the sale in the local newspaper, through flyers and signs posted around town.

Write Letters

Asking for donations is sometimes the easiest and most effective way to raise funds. Send hand-written letters to members of the church community asking for their help. Try to target at least 100 recipients. Explain why the money is needed and suggest a minimum amount to donate.

Plan an Event

Church bazaars, bake sales and community dinners are great ways to raise money for your church. Offer concessions and fun activities, like raffles, games, auctions and more. Ask the community for input if you are short on ideas, or plan an event around a particular holiday. Christmas plays, Easter egg hunts and Thanksgiving dinners are all great events that can help you raise money for your church.

Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Cookie dough pre-sale fundraisers are great money earners. They tend to be most successful when sold during the holidays. Send order forms to members of the community. Each buyer can submit their order for convenient, pre-made (and delicious!) cookie dough. The holiday season is especially busy for most people, and having cookie dough on hand for holiday gatherings is something they will love and appreciate.


Caroling is a Christmas tradition within the church. You can turn this activity into a fundraising opportunity. Have the group bring a tip bucket with them when they sing door-to-door. You can have several groups visit several local neighborhoods.

Christmas Fair

Host a Christmas fair at your church or in a local donated venue. Charge local businesses and individuals for each booth. Charge an admission fee to enter the fair and sell concessions. This is a great way for business and individuals to also gain exposure.

Supermarket Bag Pack

There are several supermarkets that will allow Supermarket Bag Packs. Have a group of volunteers help customers bag their items. Have each person bring a bucket to collect donations for the church. Be sure to choose a project that is suitable for this type of event. Children’s events tend to be the best choice.

World Food Fair

Host a special world food fair event. Have samples of dishes from all over the world. Get members of the community involved to help with the cooking. Some example cuisines include: German, Polish, Indian, Italian and English. Reach out to the community for recipe ideas. Charge an entry fee for the fair, or a fee for each tasting. You can also sell beverages to raise additional funds.

Talent Competition

This is a great way to get young church members involved in fundraising activities. Host a talent competition at the church and charge a fee to enter the contest. Talent can be anything from singing to dancing, poetry or juggling. Ask church members to serve as judges, or you can use the audience’s reaction to each performance as the deciding factor. The winner will receive a prize. Ask local businesses to donate a prize, and sell concessions during the competition. If the weather permits, host the event outdoors.

Bake Sale

Bake sales can be held on their own, or during another church event. This is a great way to raise some extra money for the church. Have local community members bake the goods and sell a variety of different treats.

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